How to Crack ServiceNow Admin Interview Questions 2021

ServiceNow Admin Interview Questions

If you are preparing for the ServiceNow admin interview, then you are on the right website. We have gathered interview questions for ServiceNow admin from various people who have given an interview or as an interviewer. Below items will help you to be confident enough and go for the meeting.

What is ServiceNow?

Ans: ServiceNow is American cloud computing company which provide the ITSM platform to manage aspects of IT service. It offers

  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a service)
  • PaaS (Platform as a Service)
  • SaaS (Software as a Service)

Provides single system records for

  • IT services
  • Operations
  • Business management

Top 60 ServiceNow Interview Questions and Answers 2021

What is an Application and Module in ServiceNow?

Ans: Application is the group of modules which provides the related services and processes. For Example, Problem will provide all the information related to a problem like: Create New, Known Errors, etc.

servicenow admin interview

servicenow admin interview questions

What is the latest ServiceNow UI and when it was released?

And: The latest ServiceNow user interface is UI16, and it was introduced in Geneva release.
The latest user interface is UI16 interface. It came in Geneva release
Recent changes are done in Madrid

What do you understand by a view in ServiceNow?

Ans: View is the arrangement of the field in the list or on the form. Based on the requirements you can make various views to provide the visibility of fields.

Name some essential tables related to a user in Snow?

Ans: There are some tables which are related to a user record.

  • Sys_user
  • Sys_user_group
  • sys_user_role
  • sys_user_has_role
  • sys_user_grmember

Which is the Parent table for the problem, incident, and change?

Ans: Task table

What is a client script?

Ans: Client script works on the browser (client side) and runs on the client side only. Types of client script:

  • OnLoad()
  • OnSubmit()
  • OnChange()
  • OncellEdit()

Top 22 ServiceNow Developer Interview Questions and Answers

Questions on ServiceNow Admin: Users & Group Module

Which role is given to Support users who will work on the incident ticket?

Ans: Users must have ITIL role & Service Desk role is have much more privileges to manage tickets.

If a user with no role logged in in a system, then where will that user will be landed?

Ans: Ideally, every company has their end-user portal or service portal on which user get redirected — self Service Portal.

How can a user become VIP or how to identify a user as VIP?

Ans: By making VIP = true in a user profile, the user will become VIP and same we can use as a filter to check VIP Users.

Can you see the password of any user in ServiceNow?

Ans: No, the password is not visible and even cannot be fetched from any query. It is stored in encrypted format.

How is a user-provided role? Best Practices.

As per best practices user should be given membership to any group, as a user will get all the roles which are contained by that group.

What is the Delegate or Role Delegation?

A user can make any other user responsible for his tasks/works/approver. Then the delegated person will get all the emails and works which are assigned to that user.

From where one can delegate any user?

From the related list on user record or from a navigation bar

ServiceNow Admin Interview Questions: Reports

How can we send a report to user on the last day of the month?

Ans: Yes, we can send a report of the last day of every month through scheduled reports.

If we must send a combined report of two tables then how can we send that?

Ans: There are database views which we can create to join two tables based on some primary key or unique key.

Why we publish a report?

Ans: After publishing it will be visible for everyone in the draft/saved status it’s only visible to you.

What is Database views?

Ans: Database views are created to achieve the requirement of joining tables and combining them to obtain a single report.

If a table can be hidden from report console.

Ans: Yes, we can write an ACL with the operation as the report on and then restrict the table.

What is the use of to ‘me, group and everyone.

Ans: This restricts the access to the user who created the report or to the group, and everyone is for all.

Table Creation

What will be the system name of a newly created table ABC?

Ans: the system name will be u_abc for newly created.

Why do we extend a table while creating a new table?

Ans: When we need to extend certain fields of the parent table or fields needs to be used in child table then we extend table. Its just to reuse the fields instead creating new.

Module Creation

If we must show a module to a role only then how can it be done?

Ans: Module can be shown to users with a role by selecting a role in the role field.

If we must create a module by which we get a list of all active records, how this will be done?

Ans: By applying the filter as active == true.

Form Layout

What Is Glide list type field?

This type of field is used for selecting multiple values (like multiple users or multiple groups)

What is reference Qualifier ?

Reference qualifier (ref qual) are a field in dictionary record of a reference type field. Ref Qual is used to applying query/filter on the referenced records. As reference type field returns record from a table (to which it is referencing ) , and ref qual will filter the record.

How can we delete a table ?

By deleting the collection type record in dictionary, a table can be deleted.

How can a table be made audited? What is auditing?

If a table is audited, history is maintained for the records in history table. All the changes in any field of a record is stored in history table. For making a table audited, on collection type field select Auditable check box to true.


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