Why did you choose this university? 5 Best Answers

When applying to various universities, you must go through a lot of research. Once you have made it through their selection process, some universities conduct an interview in which they usually ask, “Why did you choose this university?” or “why our university?”. This article will look into some tips for answering this question in an interview.

How do you answer why do you choose this university?

There are a few key things to remember when answering this question.
  1. Know why you chose the university.
  2. Be prepared to discuss how the university can help you reach your goals.
If you’re being interviewed for admission to a university, the admissions committee already knows something about you. They likely know your academic record and have read your statement. So, when they ask why you’ve chosen their university, they’re looking for more insight into who you are and what motivates you. For example, say so if you choose a university because of its excellent reputation in your field of study. Or, if you were attracted by the opportunity to work with a particular professor, mention that as well. Whatever your reasons for choosing the university, be prepared to talk about how the school can help you reach your long-term goals. For instance, if you want to pursue a career in research, explain how the university’s resources will help you achieve that goal. By showing that you’re familiar with the university and have thought carefully about why it’s a good fit for you, you’ll demonstrate that you’re serious about your studies and eager to make the most of the opportunities the school offers. Cambridge

What not to say when answering

When asked why you chose your current university during an interview, it’s important to avoid saying anything that could make you seem unprofessional or unprepared. Here are a few things you should avoid saying:
  • “I didn’t get into my first-choice school.”
  • “It was the only university that accepted me.”
  • “I chose it because it’s close to home.”
These answers make it seem like you weren’t properly prepared for your university application or that you’re not committed to attending the school. Instead, focus on explaining what you like about the university and why it’s a good fit for you.

Common Reasons students choose a particular university:

  1. The Academics
  2. Sports
  3. Job Opportunities
  4. Reputation
  5. Education Fees
  6. Distance from Home
  7. Location
  8. Weather
  9. The People
  10. The Campus
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5 Best Answers to the question, “Why did you choose this university?”

Example 1

I chose this university for its excellent reputation in business and economics. I want to pursue a career in investment banking, and I know that your alums have a good track record of getting jobs at top firms.
Explanation: The candidate has done their research and is clear about their goals. This is a good answer that shows why the university was the right choice for them.

Example 2

I was looking for a small school where I would get attention and support from my professors. When I visited your campus, I got a good feeling from the students and faculty. Everyone was really friendly and seemed like they were passionate about their work.
Explanation: This answer shows that the candidate considered their needs and found a school that fit them well. It’s also positive and paints the university in a good light. why our university

Example 3

I chose this university because it has a great business program, and I wanted to study business administration. The professors have much real-world experience, and the classes are interactive and engaging. Plus, the campus is beautiful, and the students are friendly. Overall, it was the perfect fit for me.
Explanation: This is a great answer that covers all the bases. The candidate demonstrates why they chose the university and what they like about it.

Example 4

I chose this university because it offers a great range of courses that interest me. In particular, the course in creative writing has appealed to me, and I believe it will help me develop my skills in this area. The lecturers are also very experienced and passionate about their subjects, which is important to me. Overall, this university will provide me with a great learning experience.
Explanation: This answer shows that the candidate has carefully considered their university choice. They have considered their interests and chosen a school that can help them develop their skills.

Example 5

I chose this university because of its excellent sports program. I wanted to be able to play football at the collegiate level, and this school offered me the best opportunity to do that. The coaches are top-notch, and the facilities are some of the best in the country. The fans are incredibly passionate about their teams, creating a great game-day atmosphere. I can’t imagine going anywhere else.
Explanation: For this candidate, the university’s sports program was the most important factor in their decision. They explain why they chose it and what they like about the school. This is a great answer for any applicant looking to pursue athletics at the collegiate level.

Bonus Example Answer

I chose this university because the faculty here strongly emphasizes providing students with plenty of hands-on practice. In many of my classes, I’ve had the opportunity to get out of the classroom and into the lab, where I can apply what I’m learning directly to real-world problems. This experience is invaluable and something you don’t often find at other universities. I also appreciate that this university has a large and diverse student body. So many different perspectives are represented here, which makes for a truly enriching educational experience. Everyone I’ve met has been incredibly welcoming, and I know I’ll continue to learn a lot from my classmates in years to come.
Explanation: This answer covers two important points: the faculty’s focus on practical learning experiences and the university’s diverse student body. These are both great selling points for the school, and the candidate does a good job of highlighting why they’re important to them. Bonus points for being specific about what they’ve enjoyed about their time at the university so far!

In conclusion

When asked why you chose your current college in an interview, be honest, explain your reasons clearly, and discuss how the school can help you reach your long-term goals. Doing so will show that you’re serious about your studies and eager to make the most of the university’s opportunities. We hope these examples have given you a better approach to this question. Good luck! What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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