ServiceNow Developer Interview Questions and Answers

    ServiceNow Developer Interview Questions

    If you are looking for a job change or preparing for the new job as ServiceNow Developer, then I have developed the list of questions which will brush up your skills and boost up your confidence. If you have recently gone through an interview and want those questions to be answered or put here, please do post in the comment section below.

    How to flush the cache in ServiceNow?

    Ans: Write in hit enter in application navigator.

    How to determine the release name of the ServiceNow instance?

    Ans: Navigate to System Diagnostics -> Stats -> Stats or you can also write in application navigator and hit enter.

    What are the client script and types of client script?

    Ans: Client script works on the client side (on the browser), and various activities can be performed based on the type you use, following are the types of client scripts.





    How do you differentiate between a block of client script and server script?

    Ans: If the code contains g_form then it is client side, and if the code includes gs then it is service side code.

    Name some methods of a g_form class?

    Ans: Below are some of the methods









    How to calculate the date difference and process no of days open?

    Ans: Below given two functions you can calculate the dates.

    calDateDiff(String startDate, String endDate, Boolean numericValue)

    dateDiff(String startDate, String endDate, Boolean numericValue)

    How can you update a record without updating its system fields?

    Ans: Before update function you can use autoSysFields(false) & setWorkflow(false) this will not update the fields like (sys_updated_by, sys_created_on, sys_updated_on, sys_mod_count, sys_created_by)

    Example: inc.autoSysFields(false)/ setWorkflow(false)

    Date functions in ServiceNow?

    var gdtf = new GlideDateTime(“2016-09-31 08:00:00”);









    GlideSystem in ServiceNow and its Methods?

    Ans: GlideSystem is API through which from the system a set of information can be retrieved, used in server-side scripting.

    Here are the following function which we can use in class glidesystem?












    Service Catalog

    What is the difference between Service Request and Incident?

    Ans: Service request is to request for something new or order different services/goods/items and incident is reported when something is broken or not working correctly.

    How to show a service request only to some set of users or groups?

    Ans: Through user criteria or you can write entitlement script.

    What is the difference between record producer and catalog item?

    A record producer is for creating a form for portals and fields get mapped from an actual table behind and catalog item is for requesting something and there is request/item and tasks which follows the process.

    What are the variables and variable sets?

    The variable is the dictionary entry also referred as a question there are 26 types of variables which are used in record producer, items and the variable set is however a collection/group of variables which is reused again and again.

    The scripts for catalog form

    Ans: Catalog client scripts

    Three basic tables that are related to service catalog management

    Ans : sc_request, sc_req_item, sc_task

    Hierarchical order for service catalog

    Ans : catalog>category>catalog item OR catalog>catalog item

    Can we create UI policies for catalog form?

    Ans: Yes we can get under catalog UI Policies.

    How many types of Business rules?

    There are four types of business rules

    • Display Business Rule
    • Before Business Rule
    • After Business Rule
    • Async Business Rule

    ServiceNow Business Rule Types

    What is Transform Map?

    Answer: Transform map is used to map the source table fields to target table fields. It is used in data load with import set and can also be used in integrations when apply logic on the data.

    transform maps servicenow

    What is domain sepration in ServiceNow?

    Answer: ServiceNow allows multiple customer or entity to be onboarded on the same instance and the sub tenant architecture allows application data and the process to be seprated in logical grouping is known as domains.

    Different operation is access control list

    • execute
    • create
    • read
    • write
    • delete
    • edit_task_relations
    • edit_ci_relations
    • save_as_template
    • add_to_list
    • list_edit
    • report_on
    • report_view
    • personalize_choices

    acl operations in servicenow

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