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ServiceNow Certified Application Developer Exam or ServiceNow CAD is the exam to test the development skills of candidates to solve business problems by developing optimized applications. In this article, we will share ServiceNow CAD Dumps or ServiceNow CAD exam questions that will help you to get the certification or at least will give an idea of what type of questions to expect in the ServiceNow CAD exam.

The main objective for ServiceNow CAD certification is to certify a candidate is suitable for the development of ServiceNow instance and gives confidence to employers that the candidate has done the necessary training and certification for the job.

In the ServiceNow CAD exam, there will be 60 multiple questions that need to be completed in 90 minutes and no external hard copy or online reference material will be allowed in the exam.

ServiceNow CAD Practice Exam Questions or ServiceNow CAD Dumps

ServiceNow CAD exam questions are below categorized topic-wise.

Client Script

Question. Which one of the following is NOT a debugging strategy for client-side scripts?

  1. addInfoMessage()
  2. Field Watcher
  3. jslog()
  4. log()

Answer: D

Question. Which type of client script runs when a form is loaded?

  1. onLoad()
  2. onSubmit()
  3. onChange()
  4. onCellEdit()

Answer: A

Question. What is the purpose of a UI policy in ServiceNow?

  1. To control field visibility
  2. To restrict user access
  3. To enforce data encryption
  4. To schedule automated tasks

Answer: A

Question. Which client script type is used to customize behavior specific to the Service Catalog module?

  1. Client Scripts
  2. UI Policies
  3. UI Actions
  4. Catalog Client Scripts

Answer: D

Question. Which ServiceNow API is used to perform AJAX-based server-side communication in client scripts?

  1. g_form
  2. GlideAjax
  3. GlideRecord
  4. g_user

Answer: B

Question. What is the purpose of g_form API in ServiceNow client scripts?

  1. To query the database
  2. To manipulate form elements
  3. To control field visibility
  4. To make server-side calls

Answer: B

Question. Which client script type is used to dynamically control field visibility and mandatory status in ServiceNow fatest?

  1. Client Scripts
  2. UI Policies
  3. UI Actions
  4. Catalog Client Scripts

Answer: B

Question. When is the onSubmit() client script triggered in ServiceNow?

  1. When a form is loaded
  2. When a field loses focus
  3. When a record is submitted or saved
  4. When a UI action is triggered

Answer: C

Question. Which of these classes are part of the ServiceNow client-side API? Select multiple correct answers.

  1. GlideDateTime
  2. GlideDate
  3. GlideSystem (gs)
  4. GlideUser (g_user)
  5. GlideForm (g_form)

Answer: D and E

Question. Which of the following scripts cannot be debugged using the Field Watcher?

  1. Business Rules
  2. Client Scripts
  3. Access Controls
  4. Script Includes

Answer: D

UI Action

Question. Select which one is not a UI Action type?

  1. List choice
  2. Form button
  3. List banner button
  4. Form choice

Answer: D

Business Rule

Question. You are writing an Async Business Rule for a table in a different scope than the Business Rule record. Which one of the following database operations CANNOT be part of the Async Business Rule’s configuration?

  1. Query
  2. Insert
  3. Update
  4. Delete

Answer: A

Question. Display Business Rule NOT have access to which object?

  1. previous
  2. GlideSystem
  3. g_scratchpad
  4. current

Answer: A

What is a ServiceNow business rule?

  1. A scripted action that executes on the client-side.
  2. A scheduled task that runs at specific intervals.
  3. A server-side script that triggers on specific conditions.
  4. A predefined rule that enforces user access controls.

Answer: C

How can a business rule be used in ServiceNow?

  1. To define the layout and appearance of forms.
  2. To create custom reports and dashboards.
  3. To automate processes and enforce data integrity.
  4. To manage user roles and permissions.

Answer: C

Which scripting language is used to write business rules in ServiceNow?

  1. JavaScript
  2. HTML
  3. CSS
  4. Python

Answer: A

What is the purpose of the “Advanced” field on a business rule in ServiceNow?

  1. To define the script execution order.
  2. To specify the target table for the rule.
  3. To enable or disable the business rule.
  4. To add additional conditions and script to the rule.

Answer: D

What is the recommended approach for testing business rules in ServiceNow?

  1. Manually trigger the rule by changing the relevant field values.
  2. Create a separate test instance to validate the rules.
  3. Use the “Test Business Rule” functionality in the platform.
  4. Write unit tests using the Automated Test Framework (ATF).

Answer: A

Can a business rule be used to update fields on multiple tables in ServiceNow?

  1. Yes, by using a “Cross-Scope Business Rule.”
  2. No, business rules are limited to a single table unless to gliderecord on other tables.
  3. Only if the tables are related through a foreign key.
  4. Yes, by using a “Global Business Rule.”

Answer: B

What happens if multiple business rules exist on the same field in ServiceNow?

  1. All the rules will trigger in a random order.
  2. The rules will trigger based on their execution order.
  3. Only the first rule encountered will trigger.
  4. The rules will trigger simultaneously.

Answer: B

Which of the following actions can be performed by a business rule in ServiceNow?

  1. Display a notification message to the user.
  2. Execute a server-side script.
  3. Redirect the user to a different form.
  4. All of the above.

Answer: D

What is the purpose of the “Advanced View” in the business rule form in ServiceNow?

  1. To provide a simplified interface for non-technical users.
  2. To define additional conditions and script actions.
  3. To display real-time statistics about rule execution.
  4. To preview the business rule’s impact on the data model.

Answer: B


Question. Removing a field from a form using the Form Designer deletes the field from the database table. True or False?

  1. True
  2. False

Answer: B

Record Producer

Question. What syntax is used in a Record Producer script to access values from Record Producer form fields?

  1. producer.field_name
  2. producer.variablename
  3. producer.variable_name
  4. producer.field_name

Answer: A

Which one of the following client-side scripts applies to Record Producers?

  1. Catalog Client Scripts and Catalog UI Policies
  2. UI Scripts and UI Actions
  3. UI Scripts and Record Producer Scripts
  4. Client Scripts and UI Policies

Answer: A

Access Control Lists (ACL)

Which is the correct method to be used in Access Control scripts?

  1. hasRole() and current.isNewRecord()
  2. hasRole() and current.isNewRecord()
  3. hasRole() and current.isNew()
  4. hasRole() and current.isNew()

Answer: A

Which of the following roles has the highest access privileges in ServiceNow ACLs?

  1. admin
  2. itil
  3. read-only
  4. report_user

Answer: A

Which ServiceNow security access control type restricts access to specific fields within a table?

  1. Record-level security
  2. Field-level security
  3. Table-level security
  4. User-level security

Answer: B


Question. Which of the following is not a Report Type in ServiceNow?

  1. Trend
  2. Funnel
  3. Pyramid
  4. Chart

Answer: D

Which type of ServiceNow Report aggregates data and displays it in a tabular format?

  1. List Report
  2. Pivot Report
  3. Trend Report
  4. Chart Report

Answer: A

Which ServiceNow feature enables users to create and manage custom dashboards and reports?

  1. Performance Analytics
  2. Reporting Engine
  3. Service Portal
  4. Service Catalog

Answer: A


Question. By default, all custom applications have a ________ scope that uniquely identifies them and their associated artifact with a namespace identifier.

  1. Private
  2. Global
  3. Public
  4. Restricted

Answer: A

What is the recommended method for integrating ServiceNow with external systems?

  1. Directly modifying the ServiceNow database
  2. Using third-party integration tools
  3. Developing custom APIs within ServiceNow
  4. Exporting data to CSV files for import

Answer: C

Which of the following is a best practice for application design on the ServiceNow platform?

  1. Creating a single global scope for all variables
  2. Embedding JavaScript directly into UI pages
  3. Using meaningful and descriptive names for fields and tables
  4. Storing large binary files in the database

Answer: C

In ServiceNow, which API can be used to perform server-side database operations?

  1. GlideSystem API
  2. GlideRecord API
  3. GlideAjax API
  4. GlideForm API

Answer: B

What are Application Files in a ServiceNow Application?

  1. An XML export of an application’s table records.
  2. ServiceNow artifacts comprising an application.
  3. CSV files containing data imported into an application.
  4. XML exports of an applications update set.

Answer: B

What is the purpose of the ServiceNow “Global Search” functionality?

  1. To search for records across multiple tables
  2. To perform keyword searches within a single table
  3. To search for records based on specific conditions and filters
  4. To perform advanced analytics on large data sets

Answer: A

ServiceNow Developer Interview Questions

Question. Which roles grant access to source control repository operations such as importing applications from source control, or linking an application to source control?

  1. source_control
  2. git_admin
  3. source_control_admin
  4. admin

Answer: A and D

What is the purpose of the “Update Set” feature in ServiceNow?

  1. To package and deploy customizations to other instances
  2. To create backups of the ServiceNow database
  3. To schedule automated updates for ServiceNow modules
  4. To import and export data between ServiceNow tables

Answer: A


Question. Modules must have a link type. Which one of the following is a list of link types?

  1. List of Records, Separator, Catalog Type, Roles
  2. List of Records, Content Page, Order, URL (from arguments:)
  3. Assessment, List of Records, Content Page, Roles
  4. Assessment, List of Records, Separator, Timeline Page

Answer: D

What does the ‘sys_script_include’ table in ServiceNow store?

  1. Client scripts
  2. UI policies
  3. Business rules
  4. Server-side script includes

Answer: D

What is the purpose of the “Update Set” feature in ServiceNow?

  1. To package and deploy customizations to other instances
  2. To create backups of the ServiceNow database
  3. To schedule automated updates for ServiceNow modules
  4. To import and export data between ServiceNow tables

Answer: A

Which ServiceNow component is responsible for managing user roles, groups?

  1. User Administration
  2. Access Control Rules
  3. Workflow Engine
  4. Role-based Access Control

Answer: A

ServiceNow CSA Exam Questions

ServiceNow CAD Exam Summary

Exam Name/ Certification Name ServiceNow Certified Application Developer
Exam Code  CAD
Exam Cost $300 USD
Number of Questions 60
Duration of Exam 90 Minutes
Passing Score 75%
Exam Format
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Multiple Answers Can be Correct
Learning Path/ Couse Certified Application Developer

ServiceNow CAD Exam Preparation

ServiceNow CAD Exam Preparation

The exam will consist of 60 multiple choice questions and there can be multiple answers correct for one question. While giving the exam you can mark some questions to review later if you are unsure of the answer marked by you and so for example if you have marked question 15 for later review by clicking on the review all button you will see like this 15. A*.

NOTE: In CAD Exam do not click on submit button until you are finished with all the exam questions.


  • ServiceNow Fundamentals
  • Automated Test Framework
  • Scripting in ServiceNow Fundamentals
  • Application Development Fundamentals

ServiceNow requires to complete the above necessary training or now learning course to be eligible for a CAD exam voucher.

ServiceNow CAD Exam Pattern

Domain % of Exam
Designing and Creating an Application

1.       Determine if an application is a good fit with ServiceNow.

2.       Design and implement a data model.

3.       Create modules.

4.       Use Application Scope.

Application User Interface

1.       Create, design, and customize forms.

2.       Add/Remove fields from forms and tables.

3.       Write, test, and debug client-side scripts for desktop.

4.       Write, test, and debug server-side scripts.

5.       Use a Record Producer as an application’s UI.

Security and Restricting Access

1.       Restrict access to applications and application Modules.

2.       Automatically create application Access Controls.

3.       Manually create, test, and debug Access Controls.

4.       Use GlideSystem methods to script security.

5.       Use Application Scope to protect application Artifacts.

Application Automation

1.       Write, test, and debug Workflow and Flow Designer.

2.       Implement and use Document Feeds.

3.       Create and use Application Properties.

4.       Create Events, Scheduled Script Executions.

5.       (Scheduled Jobs), and Utils (application) Script Includes.

6.       Send and receive email.

7.       Design and create Homepages and reports.

Working with External Data

1.       Import data in CSV or Excel format.

2.       Integrate to, including testing and debugging, an external data source using SOAP.

3.       Integrate to, including testing and debugging, an external data source using REST.

Managing Applications

1.       Download and install applications.

2.       Use Delegated Development to manage source code and code review.

3.       Use the ServiceNow Git integration to manage source code.


ServiceNow CAD Exam Passing Score

There is a passing percentage in CAD Exam that is 75% which means 45 questions need to be marked correctly.

ServiceNow CAD Certification Cost

The best preferable way is to attend the Application Development Fundamentals hands-on course by ServiceNow authorized instructor and cost of it will be Cost: $2,400 and duration will be 3 days and CAD voucher will be provided once training is completed. Some companies have partnerships with ServiceNow in which training is given, check with your company manager about this.

ServiceNow Application Development Fundamentals

If you want to take directly the exam from then it will cost also USD 300 + tax.

ServiceNow Certified Application Developer Salary

ServiceNow Certified Application Developer on average is around 97K USD and can range up to 91K to 110K and then it all depends on your skills and the experience you hold, some companies also provide the additional bonus and goodies on the performance.

If you have cleared the ServiceNow Certified Application Developer exam then please share your experience and ServiceNow CAD exam questions that can help other fellow candidates to prepare for the examination free of cost. Please correct and share your explanation if any of the above answers are incorrect.

DISCLAIMER: The above ServiceNow CAD Dumps are gathered from various sources and candidates’ exam experience, we do not claim the accuracy of the questions from the actual ServiceNow CAD Exam.

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