Who was your favorite manager and why interview question

Who Was Your Favorite Manager and Why? Answers

Who would it be if you could pick just one manager who had the biggest impact on your career? This question often comes up in interviews and can be tough to answer. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! This article will provide some tips and sample answers to “Who was your favorite manager and why?” Keep reading to learn more!

In today’s world, it’s difficult to find a position that doesn’t come with some managerial responsibilities. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom looking for part-time work or in your early twenties and just starting your career, managing people and tasks is important. So if you are working, there will be a time when you will have a manager.

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How to answer this interview question “Who was your favorite manager and why?”

When asked this question in an interview, it is important to keep a few things in mind.

  • Try to avoid picking a family member or friend as your favorite manager.
  • Think about what qualities made this person your favorite manager. Was it their ability to communicate effectively? Their supportiveness? Or maybe their sense of humor?
  • Relate your answer to the new role and what you have learned from your manager, which will help.
  • Mention these skills of your manager – Interpersonal skills, Communication, motivation, Delegation, Strategic thinking, Problem-solving and decision-making, and Mentoring.
  • Once you have thought about these things, you can formulate your answer.

Example Answers to who was your favorite manager, and why?

Who was your favorite manager and why interview question

Example 1

“My favorite manager was the one who gave me my first big break. He believed in me when no one else did and gave me a chance to prove myself. I learned a lot from him about strategic thinking and problem-solving, which have been essential in my career advancement. I’ll always be grateful to him for giving me that opportunity.”

Example 2

“My favorite manager was my previous manager at my last job. He was always able to make me laugh and was good at communicating with me. He was also really supportive, and I felt like he genuinely cared about me as a person. I learned a lot from him about being a good manager and leader.”

Example 3

“The best manager I ever had was at my first job out of college. She was so supportive and always willing to help me learn the ropes. Even when I made mistakes, she was patient and helped me figure out how to fix them. She taught me a lot about communication and delegation, which are two skills that I’ve used in my career ever since. I’m grateful to have had such a great mentor early on in my career.”

Example 4

“The manager that I have now is my favorite. He is always willing to listen to my ideas and give me feedback. He is also very supportive and encourages me to be my best. I have learned a lot from him about being an effective leader.”

Example 5

“My favorite manager was very open and honest with me. I never felt like I couldn’t approach him with anything. He was also really great at giving me constructive feedback. I learned a lot from him about being a better communicator, and I appreciate that.”

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Follow up or Similar Interview Questions

These are some of the follow-up or similar interview questions.

How would you describe your manager’s style of management?

My favorite manager was very hands-on and always made herself available to discuss any concerns or questions I had. She was also very organized and kept us on track with our goals.

What was the most significant thing your manager taught you?

The most significant thing my manager taught me was how to be a better leader. He showed me how to set goals, motivate my team, and provide constructive and helpful feedback. He also taught me how to handle difficult situations and deal with conflict.

My manager also showed me how to stay organized and manage my time effectively. He was always quick to respond to emails and had a quick turnaround on changes/suggestions. I learned a lot from him and recommended him to other managers looking for advice on running their teams effectively.

What did your manager do to overcome these challenges?

I had two favorite managers. The first was my first manager in college, a business professor. He was great at helping me develop my skills and working with me to overcome challenges. The second manager I had was during my time as a software engineer at a startup. She was great at motivating me and helping me learn new skills.

What did you like best about working with your manager?

I enjoyed working for my favorite manager the most because he was always willing to listen and provide feedback. He also had a great sense of humor and made everyone feel comfortable within the team.

What did they do that made you want to stay with them?

I enjoyed my time working with my favorite manager. He always had a positive attitude and made sure that everyone in the office was comfortable and happy. He was also very organized and knew how to get the most out of his team.

How would you compare and contrast them with other managers you’ve worked under?

In my opinion, my favorite manager was my current manager. He is very clear about what he wants from me and is always willing to give me feedback. He is also very approachable and easy to work with.


We hope that these tips and sample answers have been helpful! When asked “who was your favorite manager and why?” in an interview, it is important to think about the qualities that made this person your favorite manager.

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