ServiceNow CSA Practice Exam Questions Dumps Free

ServiceNow Certified System Administrator is one of the basic and the first certification is done by almost every ServiceNow professional. In this article, we will share some of the ServiceNow CSA practice exam questions or ServiceNow CSA dumps which will help to get the certification or at least will give an idea of what questions can come in the examination. We have shared around 30+ questions and in the future, we will add more.

ServiceNow CSA certification is to determine the skills obtained by the successful candidates which can be further utilized in system maintenance, implementation, and configuration. This certification is the starting point for any candidate to pursue advanced courses.

ServiceNow CSA Practice Exam Questions

Question 1. Which of the following is data saved to?

  1. Table
  2. Form
  3. List

The data is saved to Table so the answer is A.

Question 2. When a user creates a table “XYZ”, how does the service now name it?

  1. x_xyz
  2. u_xyz
  3. XYZ

User custom table created in global scope is created as u_tablename. So the answer is B.

Question 3.  Which of the following provides the ability to automate integration tasks with custom integration and flow designer.

  1. Notification
  2. IntegrationHub
  3. Updates
  4. States

The answer is B.

Question 4. In order to give access role “admin” to a user, granting user should have which role?

  1. User_admin
  2. Super_user
  3. Security_admin
  4. Admin

Answer is D

Question 5. How do Admins check which release is running on a ServiceNow instance?

  1. Memory Stats module
  2. upgraded table
  3. Stats module or
  4. Transactions log

The answer is C.

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Question 6. What is the purpose of a Related List?

  1. To create a one-to-many relationship
  2. To present related records
  3. To dot-walk to a core table
  4. To present related fields

The answer is 2,1

Question 7. Which are valid ServiceNow User Authentication Methods? (Choose three.)

  1. XML feed
  2. FTP authentication
  3. Local database
  4. LDAP
  5. SSO

The answer is C, D, E

Question 8. Access Control rules may be defined with which of the following permission

requirements? (Choose three.)

  1. Roles
  2. Conditional Expressions
  3. Scripts
  4. All of the above

The answer is D.

Question 9. What is responsible to capture and moving updates from one system to another?

  1. Import set
  2. Update set
  3. Change
  4. None

The answer is B

Question 10. What are possible import sources? (Select all that apply)

  1. HTTP
  2. CSV
  4. SFTP
  5. EXCEL
  6. JDBC

The answer is A, B, D, E, F

Question 11. Name of the base table for storing SLA records which are applied incident is?

  1. task_sla
  2. contract_sla
  3. SLA
  4. sla_definition

The answer is A.

Question 12. Name of the table for SLA definitions is?

  1. task_sla
  2. contract_sla
  3. SLA
  4. sla_definition

The answer is B.

Question 13. Which of the following is used to initiate a flow?

  1. An Event
  2. A spoke
  3. A Trigger
  4. Core Action

The answer is C.

Question 14. Why there is a need for user impersonation?

  1. Testing and visibility
  2. View custom perspectives
  3. Unlock the Application master list
  4. Activate verbose logging

Answer is A

Question 15. Reports can be created from? (Choose two)

  1. List column heading
  2. View / Run module
  3. Metrics module
  4. Statistics module

The answer is A, B

Question 16. Which term refers to application menus and modules which you may want to access

quickly and often?

  1. Breadcrumb
  2. Bookmark
  3. Favorite
  4. Tag

The answer is C.

Question 17. How to define and maintain record numbers (like INC0000777)

  1. System Definition > Number maintenance
  2. Number field > Number
  3. System Definition > Numbers
  4. None

Answer is A

Question 18. Which type of tables may be extended by other tables, but do not extend another table?

  1. Core Tables
  2. Base Tables
  3. Extended Tables
  4. Custom Tables

Answer is B

Question 19. What are the major workflow activities?

  1. Approvals, Conditions, Notifications
  2. Approval conditions, Notification, Tasks
  3. Approvals, Conditions, Notifications, Tasks, Timers, Utilities
  4. None of the above

Answer is C

Question 20. Which technique is used to get information from a series of referenced fields from different


  1. Table-Walking
  2. Sys_ID Pulling
  3. Dot-Walking
  4. Record-Hopping

Answer is C

Question 21. Which of the following allows a user to edit field values in a list without opening the form?

  1. Data Editor
  2. Edit Menu
  3. Form Designer
  4. List Editor

Answer is D

Question 21. Which one of these applications is available to all users?

  1. Change
  2. Incident
  3. Facilities
  4. Self Service

Answer is D

Question 22. What is the language used for scripting in ServiceNow?

  1. Java
  2. AngularJS
  3. JavaScript
  4. Jelly

Answer is C

Question 23. Which of the following is the primary way to interact with the applications and data in a ServiceNow instance?

  1. Service Portal
  2. Now Mobile
  3. Workspace
  4. Now Platform UI

Answer is D

Question 24. What is the role?

  1. Collection of tasks
  2. Set of members to subscription
  3. Users share the same purpose
  4. Collection of permissions

Answer is D

Question 25. ServiceNow is an example of which cloud model?

  1. SaaS (Software as a service)
  2. PaaS (Platform as a service)
  3. IaaS (Infrastructure as a service)
  4. aPaas (Application platform as service)

Answer is D

Question 26. What to select to personalize the user setting?

  1. Question mark
  2. Gear
  3. Logo
  4. Magnifying glass

Answer is B

Question 27. Which menu can users access to display actions that involve creating quick reports, exporting data, and configuring lists?

  1. List context menu
  2. Record context menu
  3. Value context menu
  4. Column context menu

Answer is D

Question 28. Which search features can be used to help narrow down search results in ServiceNow?

  1. Containers
  2. Platform Locater
  3. Context Finder
  4. Wildcard characters

Answer is D

Question 29. What is the best way to share a knowledge article with another user?

  1. Sharing screen
  2. A permalink
  3. Screenshot
  4. Copy and Pasting article content.

Answer is B

Question 30. Which role is required to modify the ACL?

  1. Admin
  2. Sys_admin
  3. Security_admin
  4. Acl_admin

The answer is 3.

Question 31. Which search feature can you use to narrow down search results in ServiceNow?

  1. Context Filter
  2. Zing Search
  3. Wildcard Characters
  4. Containers

The answer is 3.

ServiceNow Interview Questions

ServiceNow System Administrator Interview Questions

ServiceNow Administrator Job Description

servicenow csa exam preparation

ServiceNow CSA Exam Preparation

The exam consists of 60 multiple choice questions and there can be multiple answers correct.

ServiceNow CSA Exam Pattern

Learning Domain % of Exam
User Interface & Navigation

1.       ServiceNow Overview

2.       Lists and Filters

3.       Forms and Templates

4.       Branding


1.       Task Management

2.       Notifications

3.       Reporting

Database Administration

1.       Data Schema

2.       Application/Access Control

3.       CMDB

4.       Import Sets

Self-Service & Process Automation

1.       Knowledge Management

2.       Service Catalog

3.       Flow Designer

Introduction to Development

1.       Scripting

2.       Migration and Integration

3.       Development


ServiceNow CSA Exam Passing Score

There is a passing percentage in CSA Exam that is 75% which means 45 questions need to be marked correctly.

ServiceNow Versions

Check the list of all ServiceNow Versions and history

ServiceNow CSA certification cost

In order to do the certification the best preferable way is to complete the ServiceNow Fundamentals on-demand course which is around $300 USD or the trainer-led online class which then will give you a free voucher to appear in the exam.

If you want to take directly the exam from then it will cost also $300 USD + tax.

ServiceNow CSA Salary

As per the sources, the ServiceNow Certified System Administrator’s salary starts from 45K USD and then depending upon the experience and command can go up to 70K yearly.

If you have gone through the exam already then share with us ServiceNow Certified System Administrator exam questions that can help others to prepare for the exam. Please correct if any of the questions do not have the desired answer.

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