Top 40+ Preschool Teacher Interview Questions and Answers 2024

You are a preschool teacher, and you get an interview for a new job. It’s always best to prepare for an interview, including knowing what questions the employer can ask. We have compiled a list of the top 40+ preschool teacher interview questions and answers so that you can feel confident going into your following interview.

Preschool Teacher Interview Questions

Preschool Teacher Interview Questions

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Preschool Teacher Interview Questions

What is your educational background?

Sample Answer: I earned my bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. I am CPR certified, first aid trained, and have excellent references.

Do you have any experience working with students with special needs?

Tip: If you do not have experience specifically working with special children, mention any other related experience you do have.

Sample Answer: Yes, I have a lot of experience working with students with special needs. I’ve worked in early childhood education for years and have had plenty of opportunities to work with students one-on-one and in group settings. I’ve developed a lot of patience working with students who have autism, ADHD, developmental delays, and other disabilities.

Do you have any experience working with infants and toddlers?

Sample Answer: Yes, I have several years of experience working with infants and toddlers. I was responsible for leading a classroom of 16 students ranging in age from six months to two years old in my previous job. I’m very patient and hands-on when working with young children, and I always make sure they’re safe and having fun.

What is your teaching philosophy?

Sample Answer: My teaching philosophy is that all students can learn and succeed if we give them the appropriate support. I believe in creating a nurturing environment where students feel safe taking risks and exploring new things. I also believe in setting high expectations for students and helping them reach their full potential.

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How do you maintain discipline in the classroom?

Sample Answer: I believe in maintaining discipline by establishing clear expectations, routines, and boundaries for the classroom. Students must know what is expected of them to learn how to succeed at school. At the same time, I always make sure students feel safe and comfortable in the classroom.

How would you describe a typical day in your classroom?

Tip: If you have specific examples from your previous experiences, mention them.

Sample Answer: A typical day in the classroom would begin with circle time, where we review routines and expectations for the school. We’d also sing songs and read books together before transitioning into small group activities based on my lesson plan for that day. I always end the day with another review of routines and expectations and an opportunity for the students to share something they learned that day.

What are your favorite activities to do in the classroom?

Sample Answer: I love doing arts & crafts projects with the students and playing games that help them learn new skills.

What are some of the goals you have for your students?

Tip: Be sure to mention that you want students to be fully prepared for kindergarten.

Sample Answer: My goals include helping students learn the skills they need to succeed at school and preparing them for kindergarten. I also hope my class can help each student feel confident, capable, and happy about their learning abilities, so they grow up feeling good about themselves.


How do you measure student success?

Tip: Be sure to mention that you use a variety of assessments to measure student success.

Sample Answer: I use a variety of assessments, including formal tests, observations, and anecdotal notes, to measure student success. It allows me to track each student’s progress over time and make necessary adjustments to my teaching methods. I also like to get feedback from the students to see what they think about their progress.

Tell me about a time when you had to go above and beyond for a student.

Tip: Share some specific examples of how you helped a student in need.

Sample Answer: One time, I had a student struggling to keep up with the class because he was new to English. I spent extra time working with him one-on-one so he could understand the lessons and catch up with his classmates. Whenever possible, I focused on him in classroom activities, so he didn’t feel left out.

What are the essential qualities of preschool teachers?

Sample Answer: The essential qualities of preschool teachers are patience, creativity, flexibility, and a love of children. It’s necessary to be patient with young students as they learn and grow, be creative in coming up with new activities and lessons, be flexible when things don’t go according to plan and have a genuine affection for working with children.

What is your favorite thing about teaching preschool?

Sample Answer: My favorite thing about teaching preschool is seeing the children learn and grow as they develop new skills. Watching a group of young students come together as a classroom family to support one another along the way makes every day rewarding for me.

What are some areas in which you can improve?

Tip: This question allows you to share your professional growth goals.

Sample Answer: One area I can continue to improve is my understanding of early childhood development. I’m always looking for new ways to help students learn and grow, and I welcome any feedback from colleagues or parents that can help me do that. Additionally, continuing my education in teaching and child development will help me stay on top of new trends in early childhood education.

What are some of the interests you have outside work?

Tip: Sharing personal information is always great when interviewing preschools because it helps build a connection with the interviewer.

Sample Answer: I love spending time with my family and friends outside of work. I’m also a big sports fan and enjoy watching almost any sport, playing golf whenever I can, and rooting for my favorite teams. I also like to stay active by going for walks or runs when nice weather.

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What are your thoughts on technology in the classroom?

Tip: You want to make sure you share a similar educational philosophy with the interviewer.

Sample Answer: I’m very excited about technology in the classroom and feel it can be a precious tool for early childhood education. Recently, more resources have been available that aim to incorporate smart devices into lesson plans while still maintaining a learning-based environment. As these resources become more common, I see even more significant potential for technology to help students learn and grow.

What is the most rewarding part of working with young students?

Sample Answer: The most rewarding part of working with young students is seeing them learn and grow as they develop new skills. Watching a group of kids come together as a classroom family to support one another along the way makes every day unique for me.

What online platforms do you have experience with?

Tip: Be sure to mention all the platforms you’re familiar with.

Sample Answer: I’m very comfortable using Google Classroom and used Remind as an effective communication tool for parents and teachers. Additionally, I’ve had experience creating my digital classroom on Educabana.

How do you think you can benefit our organization?

Tip: This is a great question to ask at the end of an interview. It gives you the chance to show how your education, qualifications, and personal qualities can help bring positive changes to the organization.

Sample Answer: I believe my education and experience would substantially benefit the organization. Not only do I have five years of experience in the field, but I recently completed coursework for early childhood education certification. It means that not only can I bring my skills to your team, but also a fresh perspective on new educational trends and techniques.

What are some of the most effective ways you have found to engage students in your classroom?

Sample Answer: Some of the most effective ways I’ve found to engage my students at school or home involve encouraging them to use their creativity and imagination. For example, they might create a new game with playdough or build a tower out of blocks. I also like to use stories, songs, and rhymes to help students learn in a fun and engaging way.

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Montessori Preschool Teacher Interview Questions

What is Montessori education?

Sample Answer: Montessori education, in its simplest form, is an approach to learning through active discovery. It’s a very child-centered method of teaching that values independent thinking over passive instruction.

Montessori Preschool Teacher Interview Questions

How long have you been teaching Montessori preschool?

Sample Answer: I’ve been teaching Montessori preschool for about five years.

What is your philosophy on discipline?

Sample Answer: My philosophy on discipline is that it should be positive, proactive, and consistent. I believe in setting clear expectations and boundaries for students and providing them with the support they need to meet those expectations. In cases where students are struggling, I provide them with the extra help they need to succeed.

What are some of the unique aspects of a Montessori classroom that you think makes it successful?

Sample Answer: One unique aspect of a Montessori classroom that makes it successful is the holistic approach to learning. Instead of dividing subjects into categories, students are taught about all subject areas in an integrated way. For example, instead of studying science one day and math another, they might explore number sequencing while reading a science book or mixing ingredients to conduct a science experiment.

What are the benefits of incorporating technology into a Montessori classroom?

Sample Answer: There are many benefits of incorporating technology into a Montessori classroom. For one, it can help students learn about the world around them. They might use an app to explore new places or practice math skills on a tablet. Technology can also help students gain independence and foster creativity, as traditional paper-and-pencil activities won’t limit them.

What methods do you use to teach phonics and math concepts?

Sample Answer: In my experience, the most effective methods for teaching phonics and math concepts are through interactive activities. For example, I might have students match letter sounds to words or practice counting with a game that involves moving counters around a board. I also like to use manipulatives, such as puzzles, blocks, or beads, to help reinforce concepts and expose students to new material.

Do you offer before and after school care?

Sample Answer: Yes, I offer before and after school care.

How do you handle a situation where a student has conflicts with other students?

Sample Answer: In cases where a student is not getting along with another student, I would have the two students take a break from each other. 

I try to identify the root of the issue. Once we’ve identified what’s causing tension between two students, I work with students on strategies for resolving conflict peacefully and respectfully.

When a child is struggling with a concept, how would you approach teaching it to them?

Sample Answer: When a child struggles with a concept, I will start by asking them what they already know about the topic. It gives me an idea of where to begin and can help prevent confusion or frustration for myself and my students. Once we’ve determined how much information the child has on the subject, I take steps to teach any remaining concepts that are easy for them to understand. It involves breaking down the idea into smaller, more manageable parts or using visual aids to help with comprehension.

Do you think a preschool curriculum should be academic or more play-based?

Sample Answer: I believe that a preschool curriculum should be academic and play-based. It allows students to engage in hands-on activities that help them learn theoretical concepts and explore their creativity and imagination.

What is your opinion on standardized tests for preschoolers?

Sample Answer: It is important to allow young students time to explore and learn without being worried about taking tests.

Bilingual Preschool Teacher Interview Questions

Bilingual Preschool Teacher Interview Questions

How do you approach teaching a second language to children?

Sample Answer: I believe in teaching a second language to children through immersion. It means students are surrounded by the language as much as possible and given opportunities to use it in meaningful ways. For example, they might be encouraged to talk with classmates in the target language or read books in both languages.

Do you have experience working with bilingual students?

Sample Answer: Yes, I have experience working with bilingual students. My undergraduate degree is in bilingual education.

What methods do you use to help students transition between languages?

Sample Answer: One method I use to help students transition between languages is teaching them vocabulary words in both languages related to the same topic. For example, I might explain the concept of body parts in English and Spanish so students can learn how to say head, eyes, ears, etc., all at once.

What is your experience with dual immersion programs?

Sample Answer: In a dual-immersion program, children are taught math and science content in both languages from the beginning of their education. I have experience teaching in this type of program and believe it is an excellent way to help students become bilingual and bi-literate. My children are currently enrolled in a dual-immersion program, and I can attest to the benefits they are receiving from it.

What is the value of teaching a second language at a young age?

Sample Answer: I think there is value in teaching a second language at a young age. Research has shown that early exposure to a second language can benefit students both academically and cognitively. Additionally, learning another language helps to promote cultural awareness and can even lead to opportunities for travel and work in the future.

Do you have experience working with English Language Learners (ELL) students?

Sample Answer: Yes, I have experience working with ELL students. I have worked as a bilingual teacher in both public and private schools.

What strategies do you use to help ELL students adjust to English?

Sample Answer: One strategy I use to help ELL students adjust to the English language is providing extra support in the classroom. It might involve working with them one-on-one or giving them additional time to complete assignments. I also try to use visual aids and bilingual texts to help students learn English vocabulary and grammar concepts.

Do you have bilingual resources available for students and parents?

Tip: You want to show your interviewer that you take an active role in helping all members of your school community succeed by using different kinds of resources.

Sample Answer: I am an active member of the school’s Spanish-English bilingual committee for students who speak English as a second language. We work together to create resources and activities that help students practice their reading and writing skills across different languages to be successful in your classroom, no matter what background they come from.

Extra Preschool Teacher Interview Questions

  • If my child is not proficient in Spanish, will they still be able to participate in all classroom activities?
  • How do you approach students who are new to the country and have trouble adapting to a foreign environment?
  • Do you have experience working with children who speak English as their second language (ESL)?

Parents Related Preschool Teacher Interview Questions

How do you handle behavior problems with children who come from troubled homes?

Tip: This is your chance to show that you can positively handle behavior problems. If necessary, discuss previous experience working with children who come from troubled homes and how you were able to help them feel comfortable at school even though they did not necessarily have happy home lives.

Sample Answer: I think it’s essential for the classroom teacher to form a positive relationship with the child. If children are not treated well at home, it can be difficult for them to trust teachers and principals. I always try to let students know that they have nothing to fear when they come into school because their teacher is on their side.

How do you work with parents to help their children succeed in school?

Tip: You want to promote a healthy relationship between you and your students’ parents, so emphasizing that you work together as a team will be beneficial.

Sample Answer: I am always willing to communicate with parents about how their children are doing in school. Whether through email, phone calls, or parent-teacher conferences, I am open to working closely with parents to ensure their children are making progress in the classroom. Additionally, I often send home newsletters and homework assignments in both English and Spanish so that parents can be as involved in their child’s education as possible.

What is your experience working with families of a different cultural backgrounds?

Tip: Discussing your multicultural experiences will show that you are culturally competent and can handle the needs of all students in your classroom.

Sample Answer: I have experience working with families from various cultural backgrounds. I was born and raised in a bilingual household, so I am very comfortable working with students from homes where English is not the primary language. I can also communicate with parents in Spanish when necessary, so students feel comfortable approaching me no matter their background or ethnic origin.

Can parents come to your classroom with their children?

Tip: You need to let the interviewer know that you are open and welcoming of visitors in your classroom, so talk about how parents can come at any time.

Sample Answer: Absolutely! I am very excited for new families to see our learning environment because it is a fun place where children enjoy coming every day. With my preschool teacher interview questions, prospective families can experience activities their child might be doing during the day.

If a parent has questions or concerns, how do they contact you?

Tip: Let the interviewer know that you have a plan for parents who want to reach out to you.

Sample Answer: I always provide my email address and phone number on my newsletters and homework assignments, so parents can contact me quickly if they need to. Additionally, I am happy to meet with parents during parent-teacher conferences or after-school hours to address any concerns.

Questions to ask Employer/ Recruiter

  • Do you have any questions for me?
  • What are the benefits of working for this school?
  • Do you offer any paid time off or professional development days?
  • How many holidays does each employee receive each year?
  • What hours would I be expected to work each day/week?
  • Is this a full-time or part-time position?
  • Can you tell me more about the students in my classroom?
  • What curriculum do you use in your school?

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Answering these preschool teacher interview questions for job preparation is suitable. Still, you must have a strong understanding of the benefits offered by various employers to invest your time wisely in building relationships with those who will offer the most value to you.

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