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Yoga Teacher Jobs have been available in the market at different places in India. The yoga teacher interview questions which are asked by the recruiters are dependent on their interest and their style. There are various kinds of questions asked in a general sense in the exam. The following items are essential for the interview, and you can refer to the possible and best answers to them.

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Yoga Instructor Interview Questions

How long have you been a yoga teacher?

Ans: It is never the quantity of experience that matters; the important thing is the concentration on the job you have interests. The quality of experience matters a lot. On paper, I have the experience of 10 years that I am teaching yoga to people.

How did you start teaching?

Ans: There were several hardships in life which had made my mind so restless and me less patient. Moreover, there is always some dragging force that compels you to choose something. After attending the Art of Living course once in my life, I had found a sudden change in myself which resulted in me determining my career. I got to know that I am born for this and that was the day I have never looked back.

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What style of Yoga do you teach?

Ans: My style of Yoga has no defined words and boundaries. According to me, the practice of Yoga lies in your mind and brain. And so the form of Yoga practiced relates to my foot, head, arms, stomach, lungs, heart, etc.

Who has been your mentor in your crucial stage of life?

Ans: My teacher in college name was Shailly Bhardwaj. She had a driving force capability that has always led me in the right direction. I had seen a family crisis wherein I went into mental distress, but she gave me all the power, and I moved ahead following Yoga.

What is the most significant change you have observed while practicing Yoga?

Ans: Let me tell you the real part of my life. During my job, I had a tough time throughout the day. There was no time to relax my mind and solve multiple issues. When I started doing Yoga, my mind started staying at peace, and I dared to solve all numerous tasks. Yoga helps to manage things so well that you can explain them easily.

What is the rewarding thing in this career?

Ans: When the people to whom I teach Yoga, feel the change after doing Yoga and they let me know when I think I am rightly doing things and that makes me feel rewarded.

Do you find any drawbacks to Yoga?

Ans: Yoga is the style/ practice which takes more time to affect you and your lives, but there is no such drawback in the same.

How do you describe your life after Yoga?yoga teacher interview questions

Ans: Simple | Energetic | Lively

What is life beyond Yoga?

Ans: There is a fantastic world beyond Yoga including happiness, grief, various emotions, etc. Yoga helps to sort and handle everything in the best way. Yoga has the power to heal everything.

In your family, what have you done to promote Yoga?

Ans: My family practices yoga daily after my efforts to tell them the benefits of Yoga. My father does Yoga early in the morning, and my mother exercises it in the evening.

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