Mock Pharmacy School Interview Questions & Answers

    Every year some so many students have applied for the pharmacy school. Almost every pharmacy school take an interview with the students before welcoming them to join the school. Pharmacy school interview questions are very critical for the students and as well for the school as they test the potential of the students whether the person is the perfect fit for their school and student get to know more about the school.

    Pharmacy School Interview Questions

    Why do you want to become a pharmacist? How you developed the interests in this field.

    Answer: You should share them the experience or your interests regarding his field, this question will you to build up the base for your interview.

    Is becoming a pharmacist is your dream or your parent’s dream?

    Answer: Basically, in this question interview want to see whether it’s your career interest or parents influence your decision.

    Is there any doctor or pharmacists in your family or close friends?

    Answer: It the same question as above, they jus want to check if this is your decision or someone have put pressure or influenced you to become a pharmacist. If someone in the family is pharmacist, you can share them that person is your role model to answers this question in a very positive manner.

    You are a pharmacist at an independent pharmacy. A person approaches your counter and asks for needles and syringes. They do not present a prescription. Do you sell the person syringes or not?

    Answer: This question is hypothetical and tricky, usually to answer this question you can say that first, you will check whether is legal to sell over the counter in a state or not then you will also ask customer more about why it is needed to ensure the well being of the customer.

    Why do you want to study at our school?

    Answer: This question is to know why you have chosen their school only what the difference is you felt in their school comparing the other. You can also praise them about school curriculum, location and other factors that it is close to your house, etc.

    What will you do if you are rejected?

    Answer: In this, you can share them about your next plan of action that you will apply next year and also analyze what gone wrong this year and work on yourself for next year.

    Questions you can ask from Interviewer

    What are the leadership opportunities available for students?
    What community outreach programs does the school participate in?
    What are the research opportunities available to students?
    What are the mentor/mentee programs available?
    Where are some of your recent graduates employed?

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