How To Prepare for Your First Interview Tips & Checklist

If you are preparing for your first ever job interview then you are in the right place, here are some advice or suggestions which you can take into account and start planning.

What to do before an interview

Research about the organization.

Researching will help you to understand the background of the organization, and you will be more prepared than other candidates.

  • Use the website and tools (Vault, Glassdoor, CareerSearch, LinkedIn) to know more about the organization.
  • Go to the company website and see what they are excellent at and new projects they are working.
  • Make a note of services/items they provide and list of clients they have.
  • Check the reviews of the organization on various online platforms, but don’t make up your mind based on the reviews.
  • Based on the above information prepare the list of questions you want to ask from the interviewer.

Practice the interview questions

  • You can visit online portals offered for job profiles related interview questions.
  • Ask your any friend to role play as interviewers and ask some basic questions.
  • Prepare the answers for basic questions like “Tell me about yourself? / what you know about our organization? /what are your weaknesses and strengths”.
  • Based on your resume there will be some obvious questions about past experiences, technology, and clients, you worked before.

Analyze your Skills and Job Description

  • Go through skills they require in the job and do you fit in it.
  • Qualification required for the job.
  • Prepare for the skills you are best at and portray them in front of interviewers.

Things you may require in the interview

  • An extra copy of your resume.
  • Take Notepad with a pen or pencil.
  • Take Documents like qualification, address proofs.
  • Work which you can show/Present to the interviewer.
  • Bring a copy of the confirmed application form or email confirmation for an interview.

Choose your Clothes

  • Wear business attire.
  • Neat and clean ironed clothes.
  • Don’t wear flashy clothes or color.

Plan the day and resources

  • Address of the place (if face to face interview).
  • Reach 15 minutes before the time of the interview, so plan accordingly.
  • If telephonic or Skype interview prepare your devices. Ex-check connectivity.

Contacts or Reference

  • If you know someone in the organization ask them to let the interviewer know.
  • Prepare for questions as the interviewer may ask about reference or contact.

Things you need to do just before the interview.

  • Drink some water, make yourself hydrated.
  • Be confident and think you can do it.
  • Prepare yourself (correct your dress & hairs)
  • Be friendly to all works like security guards and receptionist.
  • Stop rehearsing

What to do during a job interview

Body language

  • Sit straight and be confident.
  • Nod your head to show that you are listening to the interviewer.
  • Maintain eye contact when speaking.
  • Breathe deeply, and speak on the exhale.
  • Use hand gestures while speaking.
  • Make sure you place your feet are on the ground.

With Interviewer

  • Listen what interviewer says.
  • Be polite and well mannered.
  • Be confident in your skills.
  • Share some space between you and interviewers.
  • Don’t interrupt or ask for repeating the questions if you don’t hear.

Follow  up

  • Ask about responsibility.
  • The opportunity you will get there.
  • Benefits you will get after joining.
  • Next process/step in hiring.

While Exiting

  • Appreciate the given opportunity.
  • Smile & shake hands.
  • Nice to meet the interviewer.
  • Ask for feedback.

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