Pharmacist Interview Preparation Top Questions Asked

Pharmacist Interview Questions & Answers are given below which will help you to gather some hints for your interview. Pharmacist jobs are available in the market, and several companies interview the selection of experienced and freshers. Some questions which have been asked while in a pharmacist interview are given below with the correct set of answers.

What is your greatest weakness?

Ans: I hate lies, and so my greatest weakness is speaking the truth at any cost. Doing wrong things is characteristic of man and so speaking truth about any mistake has nothing to be hidden from others.

What terms did you have with your ex-manager?

Ans: My terms have always been good with the people in my last organization. There have been several arguments and discussions on different thinking between my manager and me, but I have always sorted the issues well and have worked what is correct for the organization.

Why do you wish to work with us?

Ans: I believe in your company, and I have faith that I have high career growth in your company. I want to learn many more things, and I will get a nice and bright chance to move ahead.

What unique feature do you have that we should hire you?

Ans: I can perform several things at a time. Managing several works is part of me by prioritizing the stuff as per the time and market demand.

Why do you want to become a pharmacist?

Ans: I want to become a pharmacist because my interest in the Pharmacy field has always attracted and given me the confidence to work more and more.

Let me ask you some situational questions.

What would you do in case you are unable to read the prescription due to language issues written by the doctor?

Ans: Giving the wrong medicine is not an option. I will surely wait for my manager or my senior to come and read the prescription so that I make no mistake. If this option doesn’t work, then I will recommend saying NO other than giving the wrong medicines.

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