Top 75+ Kid Interview Questions and Answers [2023] Updated

Kids asked too many questions to their parents, teachers, and to each other also and sometimes is too much, on average kids ask 100-200 questions per day. Now it’s your turn to know them better and ask them some kid interview questions about dad, mom, and teachers. It is very important that children ask questions and also you ask them questions, this helps the child to develop cognitive thinking and also establish a healthy connection. In this blog post, we will provide a list of fun and engaging kid interview questions that will help your child shine.

kid interview questions

Kid Interview Questions

Kids Interview Questions about Dad

What makes your dad happy?

  • Watching TV
  • Cooking
  • Cycling
  • Playing Games
  • Running
  • Spend time with family.

What is your dad do?

It can be any profession, never be embarrassed about it. Every profession should be respected.

  • He is in the Military.
  • He is Engineer
  • Goes on the phone and computers to talk.

What is your dad is really good at?

  • Telling bed stories.
  • Fixing home things.
  • Cooking
  • Teaching us how to swim.

In what habits are you and your dad are same?

We love to do

  • Running.
  • Playing Games.
  • Hairs.
  • We are boys.
  • Loving mom.

How you do know that your dad loves you?

  • Support me in homework.
  • Take me to school/ walks.
  • Bedtime story.
  • Letting us watch cartoons.
  • Cook for us.

What does your dad likes to do when you are not around?

  • Watch TV.
  • Work.
  • Watching Series.
  • Sometimes clean up the house.

What is your dad’s name?

How tall he is?

What do you wish for your dad?

To be happy and healthy.

Nanny Interview Questions

Kid Interview Questions about Mom

What is your mom is good at?

  • Cooking.
  • Talking and doing house chores.
  • Taking care of us.
  • Organized.
  • Discipline.
  • Self-independent.

What is your mom say to you all the time?

I love you.

What makes your mom happy and laugh?

  • Dad jokes.
  • By asking funny questions.
  • Me doing funny things.
  • Comedy movies.

How old is your mom?

How tall is your mom?

What do you and your mom do together?

  • Bed time stories.
  • Go out.
  • Shopping.
  • Grocery market.
  • Watch cartoons.
  • Going to a movie.
  • Swimming.

How do you celebrate your mom’s birthday?

What makes your mom and dad different?

What is your mom’s favorite hobby?

What do you wish for your mom?

How tall is your mom?

What is your favorite dish which mother makes?

  • Pancakes.
  • Cakes.
  • Omelette.
  • Soup.

Kid Interview Questions about Teacher

When is your teacher happy?

  • When my homework is done.
  • When class is quiet.
  • When everyone greets her/him.

If the teacher wasn’t a teacher what do they think she would be?

  • She will be a good lawyer.
  • She will be a good motivator.
  • Social worker.

What is your teacher’s favorite food?

What is your favorite thing about your teacher?

  • She is calm.
  • She is knowledgeable.
  • She helps every kid.
  • She motivates.
  • She is humble.
  • Passionate about history.

Your favorite memory with your teacher?

She gives us encouragement every day. She has a different way of teaching for every kid so the whole class understands everything. One time she praised me for my marks. A trip to a zoo or camping.

Funny Kids Interview Questions

What are you good at?

Do you have any inventions in your brain?

What is your happiest memory?

What do you want to become in the future?

  • Teacher.
  • Doctor.
  • Fire Fighter.
  • Pilot.
  • Engineer.
  • Musician.
  • Chef.
  • Dancer.
  • Social worker.
  • Army Officer.
  • Police.
  • Lawyer.

What makes you happy?

  • Do my homework.
  • Play with friends.
  • Spend time with parents
  • Watch cartoons.
  • Do science experiments at school.

What are your hobbies?

  • Drawing.
  • Painting.
  • Cycling.
  • Playing Games.
  • Snow Boarding.
  • Dancing.
  • Reading books.
  • Gardening.
  • Volunteering.
  • Cooking.

What outfit do you like?

Jeans and a T-shirt.

What makes you feel proud?

What did you learn today?

  • Importance of clean hands.
  • Getting educated.
  • Planting trees.
  • Experimenting in the science lab.

What is your favorite color?

List of all colors choose which one you like. Wikipedia

What is your favorite fruit?

  • Mango
  • Apple
  • Banana
  • Cherry

Any fruit which you love to eat every day.

What is something that makes your family special?

Every family is special in its own way, our family is special in that we support each other, give attention and time, accept other views, forgive mistakes.

What would you like to draw?

  • Mountains
  • Sea
  • Butterfly
  • Cars

Where do you want to travel?


What is your favorite vegetable?

What do you enjoy giving people?

Who are your best friends and why do you like each other?

Do you have friends in school?

Where do you sit in the classroom?

What did you eat today?


Kid Birthday Interview Questions

What is your full name?

Do you have a nickname?

How would you like to celebrate your birthday?

I would like to invite my friends to the birthday party.

What you would like to do on your birthday?

Would like to go to an amusement park or an animated movie in the cinema hall.

What would you like to get as a gift?

I would like to have this new remote control car or bicycle or a book about all animals.

Who wished you today?

Many friends at school wishes, also my family, teachers.

What is your favorite animal?

My favorite animal is the dog.

What is your favorite toy?

It is a hot wheels car.

What cartoon character do you like the most?

Who is your biggest hero?

What is your favorite television show?

Who is your best friend?

Things you like to learn?

What types of cakes do you like?


Yearly Kid Interview Questions

What you have learned this year?

How many books have you learned today?

How many friends do you make this year?

What you would like to do next year?

Favorite thing you did this year?

What is your favorite subject at school?

What is your favorite thing to have for breakfast?

What is your favorite drink?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

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Please let us know more about what questions do you ask your kid and what has been asked to them by their teachers, friends. Please do not hesitate to comment with your kid’s interview questions we would love to add them here.

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