Why Do You Want To Work in Sales? 5 Example Answers

Job interviews are designed for employers to evaluate applicants for sales jobs. Employers often ask one of the most common questions, “Why do you want to work in sales?” This is typically followed by a series of follow-up questions about what qualifies them for the position and if they have any references. Qualifications vary from company to company, but this article contains sample answers for each question which might help you prepare for your following interview.

Why do you want to work in sales answer

Why is the interviewer asking, “Why do you want to work in sales?” question?

When an interviewer asks you, “why do you want to work in sales?” they try to understand a few things about you. Most importantly, they want to know if you have the skills and qualities that make a successful salesperson. They also want to see if you have a genuine desire to sell and if you understand what the job is.

There are a few reasons why the interviewer might be asking this question.

  • They want to see if you have a clear understanding of what is working in sales.
  • They want to know if you have a passion for sales and are excited about the opportunity to sell their products or services.
  • They want to see your motivation for wanting to work in sales and whether or not you would be a good fit for their team.

How to answer “Why Do You Want To Work In Sales?”

Keep in mind that the interviewer is not looking for a long-winded answer. They want to know the main reasons you want to work in sales. So, please take a moment to think about your response before jumping into it. Tie your interest in sales and other skills and qualifications you have to answer this question.

Talk about your interest in sales.

Why are you interested in working in sales? Is it because you love interacting with people and helping them find the right product or service? Or is it because you’re excited about the challenge of meeting quotas and hitting targets? Whatever the case may be, mention it in your response.

Highlight your previous experience

If you have any previous experience working in sales, whether part of an internship or in the last job, be sure to mention this in your response. This will show the interviewer that you have some experience in sales and that you’re confident in your ability to succeed in the role.

Highlight your relevant skills and qualities

When discussing why you want to work in sales, highlight any skills and qualities that would make you successful in the role. For example, you might discuss your ability to build relationships, your knack for persuasion, or your natural ability to close deals.

Some of the skills that are important in sales include:

  • Communication: The ability to communicate effectively is essential in sales. You’ll need to be able to explain the features and benefits of your product or service in a way that resonates with the customer.
  • Persuasion: You’ll need to be able to persuade potential customers to buy your product or service. It requires being able to overcome objections and close the deal.
  • Negotiation: A successful salesperson needs to be able to negotiate and close deals. It often requires being able to read the customer’s needs and wants while also presenting them with a compelling offer.
  • Confidence: Sales can be a challenging role and requires overcoming setbacks and rejection. You need to be confident in your abilities, even when things aren’t going your way.
  • References: Be sure to have some references who can speak about your experience as a salesperson. It will help the interviewer understand why you’re the best candidate.
  • Organization: A successful salesperson needs to keep track of their leads, customers, and sales pipeline. It requires being organized and efficient in your work.
  • Time management: In sales, time is often of the essence. You need to manage your time wisely and efficiently to meet deadlines and quotas.

Provide specific examples

Try to provide specific examples of times when you demonstrated success in your previous roles. This could be hitting your sales targets or successfully closing a big deal. By giving specific examples, you’ll give the interviewer a better idea of your qualifications and abilities.

Describe how you would be an asset to the team.

Convince the interviewer that you would be a valuable asset to their sales team. Share your enthusiasm for the role and clarify that you are motivated, dedicated, and excited about selling your products or services.

How to Use Current Events in Your Answer for “Why do you want to work in sales?”

Sale is a constantly changing field, and it can be challenging to keep up with the latest news and developments. However, using current events to answer this common job interview question can help you stand out from the competition. Here are a few tips on how to do this:

1. Stay up-to-date on the news related to sales. This can include keeping tabs on industry news, following relevant blogs, and even reading the newspaper’s business section.

2. When you hear about something new in the sales world, take a moment to think about how it could impact your work. For example, if there’s a new development in customer relationship management software, consider how it could make your job easier or more effective.

3. Use current events as conversation starters in job interviews. For example, you could mention a recent article about a change in the sales landscape and use it to segue into talking about your skills and experience.

By staying up-to-date on the news related to sales, you’ll be able to position yourself as an informed and engaged candidate. And by using current events as conversation starters, you’ll be able to show that you’re thinking critically about the role and how you can be successful.

Why do you want to work in sales answer

Why do you want to work in sales? 5 Example Answers

Sample 1

I have always been interested in the sales industry because I truly believe that I would be able to make a difference and help businesses grow. The work can certainly be challenging and demanding at times, but I am up for the task and will put in the effort needed to succeed. Additionally, I enjoy working with people from all backgrounds and finding ways to connect with them. I believe that my people skills would be an asset in sales.

Sample 2

I’ve wanted to work in sales for a long time now. I’ve always loved the idea of being my boss and working towards commission. After doing some research, I found that your company aligned with my values, which is important to me. When I saw the job posting, it felt like it was meant for me. I would love the opportunity to work in sales for your company.

Sample 3

I’ve been in sales for about four years now, and it’s always been a natural fit for me. I like the challenge of understanding what people need and then finding the right product to solve their problems. I’m also a people person, so I enjoy the relationships that I build with my customers. And finally, I love the feeling of accomplishment that comes with closing a deal.

Sample 4

I’ve always been interested in sales because it’s an essential part of any business. Without sales, there would be no revenue and no company. I also like the challenge of sales and that it’s constantly changing. No two deals are ever the same, so you have to be adaptable and willing to learn to succeed. Additionally, I enjoy building relationships with my customers and being able to help them achieve their goals.

Sample 5

My interest in sales stems from my desire to build a financially rewarding and personally fulfilling career. In this field, it’s possible to make a good living while also helping businesses grow and succeed. Additionally, I am passionate about sales because it’s an integral part of any business – without sales, there would be no revenue or growth for a company. Through my skills and experience in sales, I know that I can make a real difference for both individual clients and the larger organization.


We hope now you can answer the interview question why sales? Or why are you interested in sales? With confidence. Whether you are looking for your first job in sales or moving to a new role, staying up-to-date with the latest industry news and developments will help position you as an informed and engaged candidate. And by using current events as conversation starters, you’ll show that you’re thinking critically about the role and how you can be successful. So get out there and start learning about the sales landscape today!

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