Web/ Content Writer Interview Questions With Answers

    Web Writer Interview Questions that are most commonly asked and are essential to be answered in the best way possible. The candidates who all apply for this post should be ready with their questionnaire before going for the interview. This website will give you double confidence for cracking a milestone. What you realize before switching your job; should have many more capabilities to turn your career in a better & horizontal direction.

    When did you start writing?

    Ans: It was always my habit of scribbling things from my young age. When I had maturity in my writing, I thought of making it my profession. Then I started reading pages on the web and persuaded my career in this.

    Which blogs do you read?

    Ans: The blogs which are related to lifestyle have been my area of interest. The top blogs include- Oh my Gossip, Feel happiness, color me loud and many others. The best thing about this kind of blog is the following the new trends common in all age groups. Several category blogs are famous, and I follow them for my information.

    Which is the recent book you have read?

    Ans: The recent book I have read is First Things FirstĀ by Stephen R. Covey. This book is based on teaching several things that would help in better entrepreneurship. This book shows that the quantity of work doesn’t matter; what matter is the quality of work as time demands. There are several other things which this book has taught me and many others.

    On which professional fronts have you worked on?

    Ans: I have worked with several organizations that work online and demand to manage via emails. On the other front, I have written articles for several companies that work with the proper office base. So, I am comfortable enough to work in any environment.

    What according to you is most important in content writing?

    Ans: The content written should not be copied in any way possible. So, every writer needs to ensure that the content is written uniquely.

    What techniques do you apply to make your content valuable?

    Ans: After writing the content, I believe in doing the cross-check of the material. There are several techniques like proofreading. Followed by it are several tools that check the integrity of the content. Then the necessary changes are made, and content is finalized. Furthermore, the article is made as per the new algorithms defined by Google and other search engines.

    On which OS have you worked on?

    Ans: I have worked on Windows 7, Windows 8, Ubuntu and I am well versed with them.

    What kind of appreciations have you received for your work?

    Ans: I have received certifications for my work, and I have mentioned them in my resume. There have been certain emails that describe the value of my work.

    Describe your work in 1 line, if possible.

    Ans: Work is the presentation of my capabilities.

    Do you want a web writing career as your primary source of income always?

    Ans: Source of income doesn’t decide our career; it determines the way of living. I have chosen writing as my profession because I love doing so. And this is the reason it gives me income, not vice versa.

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