ServiceNow Scenario Based Interview Questions 2024 Real Time

If you have some experience in ServiceNow and recently scheduled an interview then you must go through ServiceNow Scenario Based Interview Questions. Most of the companies ask real-time scenario-based questions or there is a business requirement that they want to solve. Practice makes anyone perfect and if we practice with the right set of interview questions then we can ace the interview.

To answer these questions one must have hands-on ServiceNow and have an understanding of concepts. In this article, we will share some ServiceNow Scenario Based Interview Questions which will help you to prepare for the interview and also gain hands-on experience.

servicenow scenario based interview questions

ServiceNow Scenario Based Interview Questions

Incident Management

Question 1. There is a requirement that one team/group wants no one to see their incident records. How you will develop this requirement without using a custom table and only using an incident table?

Question 2. Based on the affected CI selected on the incident form SLA  duration should be calculated automatically. How you will achieve this scenario?

Question 3. After the resolution of an Incident, the support team wants an option to create a knowledge article from the incident. Describe in detail how you will fulfill this requirement?

Question 4. You might know child and parent incident functionality, but here support teams want whenever they open a child incident form then a message should be displayed “Parents Incident is Incident Number” and Incident number should have a hyperlink to actual parent incident and once the user clicks on message incident number it should open in a new tab. The same should happen with parent incidents all child incidents should be shown as messages after opening the form.

Question 5. After the Incident ticket is assigned notification should be sent to group members?

ServiceNow Admin Interview Questions

Knowledge Management

Question 1. The knowledge manager team come up with requirements to restrict the number of feedback a user can post in a day? How to fulfill the requirement.

ServiceNow Interview Questions and Answers

Change Management

Question 1. There are two fields Planned start date and planned end date, planned start date-time should be in the future and before the end date? How you will achieve this?

Question 2. What are standard changes and when we should use standard changes?


Question 1. If you make a field on the form not visible through client script and then through UI policy make it visible on the form? What will be the result?

Question 2. There is a requirement to send a notification to Service Desk Manager, all the groups have worked on a particular request item/ request fulfillment. Example First it was assigned to Service Desk and Then to Fulfiller Support Group or it has been reassigned to some other group. Every day notification should be sent at 9 AM for the previous day.

Question 3. Develop a catalog item to order a laptop and based on selection like RAM, memory, and Graphic card price should be calculated in the cart. Also if the price is more than USD 500 then trigger a financial approval.

Question 4. Populate a reference caller field with only the users who are part of the Payroll department and don’t want to use reference qualifier, how you will achieve this?

Question 5. Populate a dynamic assignment group on the form on load based on some auto-populated fields on the form. How you will achieve this?

Question6. You are in the domain separate instance there is OOB global domain business rule now your customer wants to change some functionality achieved by this business how you will address this with best practice?

Question 7. The requirement is to send an email from an email client but the template should be populated automatically in the email client body? How you will configure this?

Question 8. How do you debug your code?

Question 9. When to create Scoped and global application?

ServiceNow Developer Interview Questions


Questions 1. You want to exclude one table from production to be cloned to a dev instance when cloning from Production to Dev Instance? What to configure for this?

Question 2. You want to preserve one table of dev instances when cloning from production to dev instance. How you will be able to present one table of dev instances.

ServiceNow CMDB Interview Questions


Question 1. You want to integrate with a tool that is only capable to share .csv files and can only consume .csv files how you will integrate with this tool?

Question 2. Integration needs to be done between a chat application that runs on the private network of the company and ServiceNow is on the internet how you will be able to integrate with the chat application and submit an order of catalog items?

Question 3. When the incident is assigned to a particular group you need to send a notification with incident information to slack? How you will integrate slack with incident management?


The customer wants to create an incident from a barcode scan through mobile and fill up the equipment details in an incident form. How to achieve this.

Service Portal

Question 1. How to create an announcement on the portal if there is a P1 incident.

Question 2. Redirect a user to a service portal based on his department.

Question 3. Based on your company a widget needs to be hidden and shown.

Real-Time Scenario

When to create a custom table

When to run the business rule

Conclusion: You can review the above questions but it is always good to clear understanding of the concept, OOB functionality, process before going for an interview and most questions will be on terminology and functioning, definitely you will be asked ServiceNow Scenario Based Interview Questions but you do not have to worry too much about it. You may or may not be asked the same ServiceNow scenario based interview questions.

Take your time to think and then give the answers which follow the best practices, even if the scenario is not fulfilled. There are various ways to develop and deliver a business scenario. The interviewer’s main motive to ask such questions is to determine if you are capable to provide a solution to a business problem or requirement in ServiceNow. Many real-time scenarios cannot be fulfilled by ServiceNow capabilities, before the implementation of any solution a developer, architect, the administrator should always think about upgradeability, maintainability, Performance.

Feel free to contribute to ServiceNow Scenario Based Interview Questions, if you were asked some difficult questions which can help other ServiceNow professionals to ace their interview.

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  1. • • If we used an external organization to help us develop part of our service, what would that be called?
    • • Can you name 3 types of SLA?
    • • Why would you use SACM?
    • • What is an OLA?
    • • What are the stages of the ITIL lifecycle(v3)?
    • • Release and Deployment Management is part of which phase?
    • • What are the parts of the Service Strategy?
    • • Change Management is part of which phase?
    • • What is the Difference between Utility and Warranty?
    • • What are different parts of service portfolio?
    • • What is the major difference between ITIL v2 and ITIL v3?
    1. Process flow of incident problem change management and there states. Explanation of each state. What field will be mandatory after saving a change form? Types of change management, what is standard change?
    2. Difference between additional comments and work notes.
    3. Difference between ui policy and data policy, can we convert data policy into ui policy and vice versa.
    4. Script Include. How to call in client script, business rule, reference qualifier.
    5. types of reference qualifier and difference between them.
    6. What is mean by dictionary override?
    7. Workflow activities. Turnstile activity, I want to pass values from one workflow to another. What is subflow activity.
    8. scenario- if I create a custom table then I want to hide some system created fields(updated, updated by, created etc.), when I create new table the I want to see only 3 fields, how can you achieve this?
    9. Client script. Types, objects of each type.
    10. Business rule. Difference between Glide system and glide record.
    11. What are the methods of gs and gr and wht are you used?
    12. Difference between async and after br. Query br, display bs scenario.
    13. what is CMDB? What is the difference between cmdb and asset. What is cmdb baseline.
    14. how many ways we can send notifications? What is the email script? How we can call the event queue method? We can call it in client script?
    15. What is SLA? Retroactive start? Types of SLA. What is business elapse time? What is responce and resolution?
    16. How we create a report? How to send it to the dashboard?
    16.what is ACL? Types. What is * and none?


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