ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist – IT Service Management Exam Practice Exam Questions

Planning to give ServiceNow CIS ITSM exam to grow in your as ServiceNow professional then you are on the right page, In this article, we will share ServiceNow CIS ITSM exam questions or ServiceNow CIS ITSM Dumps to help candidates to get an idea of what kind of questions they can expect in the exam and we will also try to clarify all the queries a candidate have before giving the exam.

ServiceNow CIS ITSM is abbreviated from ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist – IT Service Management Exam is to certify the skills and knowledge a candidate should possess to implement, maintain, configure and upgrade ServiceNow ITSM applications. Below 25+ ServiceNow CIS ITSM exam questions are gathered from the experience of candidates who have given the exam and also created from the topics which are part of ServiceNow ITSM Fundamentals and Implementation.

servicenow cis itsm exam questions

ServiceNow CIS ITSM Exam Questions

Incident Management

In base instance configuration, after 7 days of resolution of an incident what happens?

  1. The incident is automatically moved to a closed state.
  2. A notification is sent to the assigned user-requested review of the incident record.
  3. A post-incident report is automatically created.
  4. A notification is sent to the assignment group manager requesting a review of the incident record.

When can a user (who has no assigned roles in the system) close an incident?

  1. When the user is the Caller and the incident’s State is Resolved.
  2. When the user is the Caller or on the Watch list and the incident’s State is Resolved.
  3. When the user is the Caller and the incident’s State is not already closed.
  4. When the user is the Caller and the incident’s State is not already resolved.

Select the property which sets the duration of the auto closure function?

  1. incident.close.time
  2. ui.autoclose.time
  3. autoclose.time

Select of the property that enables the copy incident

  1. snc.incident.copy.enable
  2. incident.copy.enable
  3. ui.incident.copy.enable
  4. snc.incident.copy

Problem Management

Which of the following ITIL terms refers to the cause of one or more incidents that are typically unknown at the time of detection?

  1. Problem
  2. Unknown Error
  3. Issue
  4. Configuration Item

In problem management, when using the communicate fix related link, which of the following conditions must be met for the fix to be communicated? (Choose three.)

  1. The problem has an associated change request.
  2. The Fix notes field is populated.
  3. The incident is associated with the problem record.
  4. The incident is in a State of On Hold with an On Hold Reason of Awaiting Problem.
  5. The problem is in a state of Fix in Progress.

When creating a problem record from an incident record, which element defines the field mapping between the two?

  1. Create Problem UI action
  2. ProblemUtils script include
  3. Problem created from system property (com.snc.problem.create_from_incident.attributes)
  4. ProblemV2Util script include

Select of the property that enables to create a Problem Task on a Closed Problem?

  1. snc.problem.closed.can_create_tasks
  2. closed.can_create_tasks
  3. problem.closed.can_create_tasks
  4. problem.closed.can_create_tasks

Change Management

Conflict detection in change management can identify conflicts from which of the following reasons?

  1. The change schedule is during blackout periods
  2. The ci is not in the maintenance window
  3. Existing scheduled changes to the ci
  4. The change scheduled is outside of business hours
  5. The changes schedule does not give the appropriate lead time

Select the property that enables Change risk calculation either through business rule or UI Action?

  1. snc.risk_calculate_rule
  2. ui.risk_calculate_rule
  3. risk_calculate_rule
  4. risk_calculate_rule

The Standard Change Template [std_change_record_producer] table is extended from the ____________ table.

  1. Template [sys_template]
  2. Task [task]
  3. Change Request [change_request]
  4. Record Producer [sc_cat_item_producer]

Request Management

Which one of the following is proper syntax for accessing values of variables from a Record Producer script field?

  1. getReference(‘variable_name’)
  2. getVariable(‘variable_name’)
  3. variable_name
  4. variable_name

Which of the following approaches is used to display a variable from a requested item on a Catalog Task form?

  1. In the Catalog Task Activity within the Item’s fulfillment workflow, write a script to retrieve and set Catalog Task field values.
  2. In the Catalog Task Activity within the Item’s fulfillment workflow, select variables to be displayed in the Variables on Task Form field.
  3. In the Catalog item, set Cascade Variables to true.
  4. In the Catalog item, set Display Variables in Catalog Tasks to true.

Primary tables associated with request fulfillment begin with the prefix _____________.

  1. sc_
  2. rm_
  3. rf_
  4. req_

Knowledge Management

Each time a knowledge article is viewed, a record with the user identity and whether the article was attached to a task, is added to which table?

  1. Knowledge Use [kb_use]
  2. Knowledge Feedback [kb_feedback]
  3. Knowledge [kb_knowledge]
  4. Knowledge Search Log [ts_query_kb]

In knowledge management, which conditions must be met before users can import Word documents?

  1. The knowledge base must have the Enable Article Import field set to true.
  2. The user must meet the conditions in the Can Contribute User Criteria for at least one knowledge base OR have the knowledge or knowledge_admin role.
  3. The user must have one of the roles specified in the Knowledge system property “List of roles (comma-separated) that can import Knowledge Articles”.
  4. The user must have the knowledge or knowledge_admin role

ServiceNow CSA Exam Questions

What is glide.knowman.max_comments_per_user_daily property

  1. Allows users to post feedback.
  2. System property determines the maximum many feedbacks a user can post per day.
  3. Max number of comments posted by all users.
  4. The number of users who can post feedback daily

Select the property which enables the article versioning

  1. knowman.versioning.enabled
  2. snc.knowman.versioning.enabled
  3. ui.knowman.versioning.enabled
  4. versioning.enabled

Configuration Management Database

What data import feature should be used when importing Configuration Item data for services and servers?

  1. Import Maps
  2. Data Mapper
  3. Transform Maps
  4. Cascade Variable Maps

What is the base table for CMDB?

  1. cmdb_ci
  2. base_ci
  3. cmdb
  4. ci

Which of the following roles is allowed to create a new CI class?

  1. itil_admin
  2. itil
  3. admin
  4. cmdb_read

ServiceNow CAD Practice Exam Questions

Which property allows to set the maximum number of changes and relationship for a CI should appear in the baseline diff got the CI?

  1. cmdb.baseline.max_changes
  2. baseline.max_changes
  3. snc.cmdb.baseline.max_changes
  4. baseline.baseline_changes

Select the name of the table which is for accessories?

  1. cmdb_ci_computer
  2. cmdb_ci_acc
  3. cmdb_rel_acc
  4. cmdb_ci_ accessories

ServiceNow CIS ITSM Exam Summary

Exam Name ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist – IT Service Management
Exam Code  CIS ITSM
Exam Cost USD 450
Number of Questions 60
Duration of Exam 90 Minutes
Passing Score 75%
Exam Format Multiple Choice Questions.

Multiple Answers Can be Correct.

Learning Path/ Couse IT Service Management (ITSM) Implementer

servicenow cis itsm exam preparation

ServiceNow CIS ITSM Exam Preparation


  • ServiceNow Fundamentals
  • ServiceNow Get Started with Now Create
  • ServiceNow Platform Implementation
  • CMDB Fundamentals
  • ServiceNow ITSM Fundamentals
  • ServiceNow ITSM Implementation

ServiceNow requires to complete the above necessary training or now learning course to be eligible for a CIS ITSM exam voucher.

It is recommended a candidate must undergo now learning self-paced training


  • Agent Workspace Fundamentals
  • CSDM Fundamentals
  • Service Portal Fundamentals
  • Scripting in ServiceNow Fundamentals
  • Knowledge Management Fundamentals
  • ServiceNow Implementation Methodology (SIM) Fundamentals
  • ServiceNow Subscription Management Overview


  • Knowledge Management Implementation
  • Major Incident Management Fundamentals
  • Major Incident Management Implementation
  • Agent Workspace Implementation

Recommended Experience

6+ months experience on ServiceNow Platform and Implementation of Modules. It will be the best user must know ServiceNow acronyms and terminology.

ServiceNow CIS ITSM Exam Pattern

Topic Weights
Incident Management 25%
Problem Management 15%
Change Management 25%
Request Management 25%
Knowledge Management 5%
Configuration Management Database 5%

ServiceNow CIS ITSM Passing Score

There is a passing percentage in the ServiceNow CIS ITSM Exam that is 75% which means 45 questions out of 60 must be marked correctly. The exam will consist of 60 multiple choice questions and there can be multiple answers correct for one question.

ServiceNow CIS ITSM Certification Cost

ServiceNow CIS ITSM certification cost is 450 USD + Tax which you can register through

ServiceNow also offers instructor-led training which you can register here and then an exam voucher is provided. Most of the companies have partnerships which ServiceNow where training is provided based on that, please check with your company if they provide such training. You can register ServiceNow Training at ServiceNow Training and Certification

ServiceNow Implementation Specialist Salary

A ServiceNow Implementation Specialist can get up to 100,000 USD per year. Depends on the job location and additional benefits.

Disclaimer: The above questions are gathered from candidate experience and reviews, we do not claim that the above questions will be appearing in the exam set.

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