Important Interview Questions For Receptionist Job

Interview Questions for Receptionist are written below with the best possible answers which will help you to crack the interview. There are several common questions asked in every interview, i.e., Receptionist post. Refer to the solutions and prepare well for your job interview.

Tell me about yourself

Ans: I am Morisha Sinha from Uttar Pradesh. I am a graduate in BA from Lucknow. I have experience of 3 years in Receptionist job into school, colleges and 1 IT company. I have valuable experience using which I want to groom my company to better level and treat each individual with much peace. I have learned several other things except my job during my experience.

What have several situations you faced while you job before?

Ans: There have been several situations including excellent & bad. The superb condition constitutes the proper completion of daily schedule work, proper communication among clients, organized action, etc. And the dangerous situations are like- furious manager over the silly mistake or incomplete work due to the busy schedule, the escalation from the client, harsh welcome to customers visiting, etc.

What are your best strengths?

Ans: My strength enclosed in one line- My job for the day ends when its purpose fulfilledĀ. I can work for long hours with stretch.

Explain the worst situation you have faced and what have you learn from it.

Ans: Once there had been a client who had to visit the company office to meet several employees. There had been a conference scheduled to happen at 11:00 AM. In our company, for any discussion, we had to book the room before 24 hours. But I didn’t do it due to lack of approval from my Business Unit Head. The time which was scheduled had crossed the deadlines, and so the abrupt action on the same had to be taken. But doing several other tasks, I had forgotten to book the conference room, and my boss had shouted over me. But, I, however, managed to get the conference room on time and postpone the scheduled calls which could change as per priority.

How can you prove that you are the best for this job?

Ans: I can prove so because I have all the capabilities which a reception should have- learned computers, play with excel and maintaining timelines, schedule meetings and work well on time table, event management, work under pressure, core dressing sense as per the requirement and many others on my quality list.

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