Top Interview Questions for Musicians to be Asked During an Interview

Interview questions for Musicians

If you ever get a chance to interview an individual musician or a band then below is the list of questions you can from them. Provided information will be beneficial for research, writing an article featuring musicians, filming an interview segment or news. One of the most important things an interviewer must keep a note of is treat the artist as a normal human being and respect as they are. To keep things interesting ask questions which they have not answered a thousand times before you and also try not to ask questions which will result in yes or no.

First thing as an interviewer you need to do, is to research about the individual or band you are inviting or visiting. Learn about the biggest hits and successful tours they have done till now and also if there any news of upcoming work that would be best.

If they are dating someone or recently going out too much, you can ask this will make the interview more interesting.

If any case you found out while researching, they have some clash in opinions on various social media platform you can also inquire about this.

Try to be funny in the interview, which will make atmosphere light, and things will go in a much lighter note as they should be.

Open Ended Questions can be asked from musicians

How you got influenced by the music industry in the early days of their life?

Who inspired you to be part of the music industry?

What is the biggest problem you have encountered in this journey of music?

Being a musician what you enjoy the most?

Are you planning to collaborate with any other artist?

What next is coming for the upcoming months?

Which is the best song you have ever released and why?

What is your message for the fans around the globe?

If you ever get a chance to gate another musician, who would it be and why?

Do you teach music?

How did you learn to sing, write, play?

An instrument which you like to learn and why?

First instrument which you learned to play?

One thing you want to change in this music industry?

If it wasn’t for your Music career, what would you be doing right now?

The story behind your band name or stage name?

Who do you see as your tough competitor?

Have you ever played at a wedding or a public party?

Why it is very important to Learn/Study/Understand the old music?

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      1. Hi Preet!
        Here are some of my own questions!
        I really hope you like them.
        Please reply to my message.
        1) what skills do you think you need most in your career.
        2) why did you join the music bis.
        3) what’s the hardest part of your career.
        4 what’s your favourite part of your career.


        P.S. I really love your name!!

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