Best 18 Kubernetes Interview Questions & Answers for 2023

If you are preparing for the Kubernetes job interview and thinking what does Kubernetes do? well on this page you will get an idea about Kubernetes and the rest you can learn from manuals provided by the product team. You can have a job in SAP, BOX, NY Times, ING, Huawei etc. In this blog, we will discuss Kubernetes interview questions and answers which can help you to prepare for the interview and crack it.

So let’s jump right into the action and explore Kubernetes interview questions

Kubernetes Interview Questions and Answers

What is Kubernetes? Explain simply?

Answer: Kubernetes is an open-source platform that helps to manage workloads and services. It automates the Linux container operations and you don’t have to manual processes like scaling, managing, and deployment for containerized applications. This platform is originally developed by the google team and now it is handled by CNCF.

Name some common terms used in Kubernetes?

Answer: Below are some common terms that are used in Kubernetes

  • Nodes
  • Control plane.
  • Container
  • Docker
  • Cluster
  • Containers
  • Microservices
  • Pod
  • Replication controller
  • Service
  • Kubelet
  • kubectl

What is K8s?

Answer: K8’s is another popular term used for Kubernetes and it is also called as “Kube”.

What are the Nodes in Kubernetes?

Answer: Nodes are physical or virtual machines and each node is responsible to contain/ run services which is necessary to run the Pods.

What are the components on a node?

Answer: There are three components on a node which is Kubelet, Kube-proxy and container runtime.

What information does a node status contain?

Answer: Node status contains the address, conditions, info and capacity and allocate.

What is NodePort?

Answer: It is an open part which is on every node of the cluster, it is a default setting when the port field is not defined.

NodePort Kubernetes - Kubernetes Interview Questions


What is ETCD in Kubernetes?

Answer: Kubernetes use etcd to store all the cluster data (state, metadata, configuration). Etcd is the distributed database as Kubernetes runs over several machines.

What is PVC in Kubernetes?

Answer: A PersistentVolumeClaims (PVC) is the request by a user for storage, it is similar to pods, however, PVC consume PV resource and Pods consume the node resources. If a user tries to delete the active PVC then it cannot be immediately deleted as it waits till the time pods no longer require PVC. Same goes with PV also if the user tries to delete PV then till the time it is bound by PVC.

What is ClusterIP?

Answer: The ClusterIp is the default service and can only be accessed with the cluster. This helps two pods to communicate with each other using this IP. You can set you own clusterIP by setting the .spec.clusterIP field.

You can run $ kubectl cluster-info

ClusterIP Kubernetes - Kubernetes Interview Questions

What is Kube-proxy?

In a cluster, there are several nodes and on each there a network proxy which runs on nodes and known as Kube-proxy. Kube Proxy maintain the network rules and allow communication to the pods from network sessions inside or outside of your cluster.

Kube-Proxy Kubernetes Interview Questions


What is Kubelet?

Answer: A primary agent that runs on each node in the cluster. It is responsible for maintaining the set of pods and also make sure that the container is running on the pod.

Name the main components of Kubernetes architecture?

Control Plane Components

  1. Kube-API server
  2. Kube-controller-manager
  3. Kube-scheduler
  4. etcd
  5. cloud-controller-manager
  • Node controller
  • Route controller
  • Service controller

Node Components

  1. Kube-proxy
  2. kubelet
  3. Container Runtime

Add Ons

  1. DNS
  2. Web UI (Dashboard)
  3. Container Resource Monitoring
  4. Cluster-level Logging

What is Heapster?

Answer: Heapster enables Performance analysis and cluster monitoring for Kubernetes. It is compatible with version 1.0.6 and higher. It collects the metric about the pods, workloads and also the events generated by pods.

What is the Google Container Engine?

Answer: It is orchestration and management system for container clusters which run within google public cloud services. Also known as Google Kubernetes Engine.


What is the latest version of Kubernetes?

Answer: Latest is v1.20.

What is minikube in Kubernetes?

Answer: Minikube was introduced for new developers which allows them to install single-node Kubernetes cluster on a personal development computer. It allows users to run Kubernetes locally and helps to learn and develop for new users.

All you need is a virtual machine setup and manager like hyperkit, docker, podman, VMware.

What are minions in Kubernetes cluster?

Kubernetes cluster is a set of machines which work together and thus they have defined roles such as master and worker. The machines which are acts as workers and responsible for running an app is known as minions.

Explain load balancing on Kubernetes?

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