Top 11 Interview Questions For Warehouse Supervisor With Answers

A warehouse is a special facility for the storage and distribution of products and materials. Warehouses are used mainly by factories, different manufacturers, shops, and logistics companies (importers, exporters, package delivery services, etc.). A warehouse Supervisor is a person responsible for work and people management within the warehouse. Depending on the size and the type of the warehouse, one or several Warehouse Supervisors (s) can work there. Before presenting the most frequently asked Warehouse Supervisor Interview Questions, check below what will be your duties and responsibilities.

The most common warehouse activities consist of: accepting the incoming stock, performing regular amount and quality stock items check, organizing and maintaining the stock, assembling and packing the orders to be delivered in the market, and maintaining warehouse documentation (for example invoices, shipment confirmation), using production, stock inventory, and logisticswarehouse supervisor interview questions dedicated software, etc.

As a Warehouse Supervisor, you will be responsible for all the above but also for the company’s quality standards, for keeping good performance results, and for securing that all working places are clean and safe, according to the company’s health and safety rules.

While giving an interview, you need to prepare well for the different kinds of questions asked in the exam. Following Warehouse Supervisor Interview Questions will be proposed in the review.


Warehouse Supervisor Interview Questions and Answers

How do you prioritize your work?

Ans: The ability to prioritize your work is one of the skills required for every warehouse employee. When we talk about day-to-day warehouse operations, many tasks have to be completed. Some of them are known in advance, and can be prepared and planned in the schedule, for example, stock maintenance, product delivery, regular amount, quality and safety checks, etc. However, in such a dynamic environment as a warehouse, prioritization must be flexible. Some tasks may appear suddenly, may be critical, and require our instant reaction, for example, logistics transport is ready to pick up the order, but during the loading, the order gets damaged and needs to be urgently reassembled.

But as a Warehouse Supervisor, your task will be also to prioritize the work of your employees. With that, you can follow the same principles but keep in mind employees’ workload. Employees should not be either over or under-loaded – workload should be divided as equally as possible. If circumstances allow, you can sometimes prioritize small and easy tasks (so-called “low hanging fruits”) as they give the feeling of having the things done and motivate for future tasks. If circumstances allow, you can also think of mixing boring and repetitive activities with more exciting and creative ones. It is scientifically proven, that varying different task types increase mental focus, develops more interest and improve total work efficiency.

What is more important in warehouse work: speed and efficiency or quality and precision?

Ans: This is probably one of the most important Warehouses Supervisor Interview Questions. Both are equally important. Speed and efficiency are required so that the warehouse operates correctly, according to the deadlines, in sync with other company departments, like the production or the logistics. The same importance is quality and precision. Staying focused, paying attention to the details, checking the product’s quality, signaling and fixing errors, precision, etc. are extremely beneficial for the company. They help to prevent work accidents and to avoid the situations when the product or order must be returned to the previous stage of the warehouse work chain for correcting, fixing etc.

What is your experience in operating warehouse machinery?

Ans: This is another Warehouse Supervisor Interview Question to expect. Stocking machines, rack stocking machines, forklifts, pallet trucks and packing equipment are the most popular heavy machinery that is used in warehouses. Share the details of your experience and do not forget to mention the certificates and licenses that you have.

If you do not have experience with this type of machines or it is your first job, show your eagerness and readiness to learn and acquire skills in this area. Warehouses get automated very fast. Even if now, your company does not heavy machinery, most probably will shortly.

What new automation technologies have you learned until now?

Ans: There have been specific automation technologies that have been used till now in my tenure and some new ones which I keep a check on. The earlier ones include the supply chain qualified plan which includes tagging, kitting, identifying, and delivering products. Westfalia flexible Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/ RS) have been introduced in the market. This has been the best practice, but I have never practiced this till now.

Do you know anything about Six Sigma? Which trainings have you covered under Six Sigma?

Ans: If you participated in any Six Sigma training (official and certified or not), do not hesitate to mention it, for example: “I have taken Six Sigma training and have covered certifications till green belt”. If you didn’t, but you have heard about Six Sigma, you can explain in your words what it is and how you understand it, for example: “Six Sigma is a method providing the tools to improve business processes and quality within the company”. If you participated in any similar training, also related to business processes and quality improvements (for example Lean Manufacturing, Kaizen), it will be worth mentioning it here.

Are you people’s manager? Have you received any appreciation for it?

Ans: I have been working with people management for a long time but at the same time, I have never considered this a significant part of my career. I have always tried to keep my employees happy and motivated by setting clear goals at both individual and team levels and then, by helping to achieve them.

I believe in the power of success celebrating and I seek the opportunities to do it with my team. I am also of opinion that mistakes or examples of misconduct, if they appear, should be discussed face-to-face, not on the forum.

I do not have any formal and written appreciation testimony which I could share now with you but for me, the measure of my success as people’s manager was a dynamic and motivated team, where people trust each other, respect each other, communicate openly and constantly improve their skills, what is reflected in the great team spirit and performance results.

Warehouse Manager Interview Questions

How will you secure that health and safety rules are followed by your employees?

Ans: I would start with proper training. The health and safety training is mandatory for all new employees but it also must be repeated regularly. I believe that it should be repeated and reminded not only when required by labor low but on any occasion – the best, on daily basis.

Also, I strongly believe in preventive actions and the whole team’s responsibility towards each other. Keeping your workplace clean, tidy and organized, and paying attention to defects, anomalies, potential risks, and threats is the key to success. We should also remember our co-workers. We may notice the risk to them, which they are unaware of. As a Warehouse Supervisor, I should be a role model for others. Respecting procedures, reacting on reported risks and threats, leading discussions about health and safety, etc. is the best way to remind the importance of these rules.

Finally, as a Warehouse Supervisor, under no circumstances can you allow or suggest compromising the health or the safety of your employees for the benefit of speed and productivity.

What is the most challenging situation that you have faced in life?

Ans: I was in a situation where I had to choose between my personal and professional career. At that time, I decided to focus on my professional career because of its prior importance – without the money, the house cannot run. But I had also challenging situations on the personal front. I have many sleepless nights to take care of my family in need.

Why do you want to join us?

Ans: Your company has the desired work profile which I need for myself. Your company will provide me with the kind of growth I wish to attain. You can refer in this question directly to the job offer and give a specific example, for instance: “the work culture which includes the companies policies, work timings, the importance of work-life balance, etc.”.

What things do you like in your job?

Ans: The best thing I find is the link with the market. This link is not of course direct, but the way that products and materials are stored in a warehouse, managed, and later shipped and delivered – it all depends on the market situation (changing demand, tax and customs regulations etc.).

What do you like about our company?

Ans: Your company offers work in several technologies and is a great example of how all of them can be used wisely and in the most optimized and beneficial way. The old ideas are of value but they are never permanent. The new things often bring improvements, perspective change, and freshness of mind. Your company is a perfect example of how to make the transition from the old to the new, smooth and profitable.

Depending on the company and on the employee’s job experience, a Warehouse Supervisor’s salary in the U.S. usually varies between around $54 per hour and $72 per hour as per when the article was published. For more please visit

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