Interview Questions For Warehouse Supervisor With Answers

    Warehouse Supervisor is the person responsible for the warehouse. The stock which is coming in; which is delivered in the market; which is left out has all to be maintained well. The warehouse is the central part of every organization, and each supervisor has to take care of each and everything. While giving an interview, you need to prepare well for the different kinds of questions asked in the exam. Following Interview Questions for Warehouse supervisor are provided below which will be proposed in the review.

    How do you prioritize your work?

    Ans: When we talk about the warehouse, several things have to be taken care of. We are maintaining the repository, taking preventive measures to things well, taking account of each item every day, etc. The work is divided as per the required resolution time of employment. More is the priority of work first is covered.

    Do you know anything about six sigma? Which trainings have you covered under six sigma?

    Ans: I have taken six sigma training and have covered certifications till green belt.

    Which is the most challenging situation you have ever faced in life?

    Ans: I had a situation wherein I had to choose my personal & professional career in life. I decided my professional career because of its prior importance because without money house cannot run. But on the personal front too, I have many sleepless nights to take care of my family.

    Are you people’s manager? Have you received any appreciation about it?

    Ans: I have been doing people management for a long time but to be very serious on the same I have never thought this as a significant part of the career. I have always tried to keep my reporting happy by covering the work on time and managing it well. They all have been working so well, and for that, they have always been appreciated. More about my seniors, I listen to my seniors well and work as decided by management.

    Why do you want to join us?

    Ans: Your company has the desired work profile I need for myself; your company will provide me the kind of growth I wish to attain. The best part about this company is the work culture which includes the companies policies, work timings, employees first culture, etc.

    What new automation technologies have you learned until now?

    Ans: There have been specific automation technologies that have been used till now in my tenure and some new ones which I keep a check on. The earlier ones include the supply chain qualified plan which beliefs on tagging, kitting, identifying and delivering products. Westfalia flexible Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/ RS) has been introduced in the market. This has been the best practice, but I have never practiced this till now. But this joining with you I ensure to work on it and bring many positive responses.

    What things do you like in your job?

    Ans: The best thing I find is the link with the market. The link is never direct but is indirect. The way the words are managed, delivered, stored in a warehouse is all dependent on the market. I stay tuned to all the new updates, and my skills are fully utilized here.

    What do you like about our company?

    Ans: Your company has the best thing about taking out several technologies and then using all of them so wisely. The old ideas are given value but are never made permanent. This way all the new things are fresh in mind.

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