50+ B1/B2 US Visitor Visa Interview Questions and Answers 2023

If you plan to travel to the United States, you will likely need to go through a visa interview. You will be asked several questions about your travel plans during this interview. To help you prepare for the interview, we have compiled a list of the B1/B2 visitor visa interview questions and answers. Read on for more information.

Visa Officer will ask questions during a visitor visa interview are designed to get an idea of your travel plans. You should have all the documents needed for the application process ready before your interview begins. Additionally, it is also important that you answer any questions truthfully and with confidence – even if they may seem difficult at first glance.

Visitor Visa Interview Questions | B1 Visa Interview Questions

Below are some of the most common visitor visa interview questions.

What is the purpose of your visit?

The purpose of your visit is one of the most common questions they will ask at a visitor visa interview. Tell about the reason for your visits, such as tourism or business. Also, tell why you want to travel to a particular destination in the United States and how long it will take you there from where you live now (if applicable). Then mention that you will be returning home within the time limit stated on your visa application form.

How long do you plan on staying in the United States?

The consular officers will want to know how long you plan on staying in the United States. If your visit is for tourism, say the number of days you have planned. However, if your purpose is business, mention the duration of the meeting or conference and add that you will return home within the time limit given on your visa application form.

How do you intend to pay for this trip?

No matter if you are going to spend $500 or $5000, you have to make it clear that you can afford such a trip. The consular officer will ask you questions like: how much money do you have in the bank account? How much do your parents earn? What is your monthly salary? Have any of them already made the payment? Do you have any credit cards that could help you pay for the trip? Etc.

If you can prove to them how much money you have in your bank account, and therefore that it is enough to cover your expenses during your stay in the US, then there is no reason why they should not give it to you. 

Do not forget that consular officers are very experienced, so they know how much everything costs. They might ask you a question like: “How do you plan on paying for your hotel?” If your only answer is “I will use my credit card,” that is not going to be enough. You have to show them some reservations or at least an idea about the prices in the area where you will be staying.

How much money do you have for this trip?

If you have enough money to cover all your expenses, say so. However, mention how much money you will need if you have not saved up enough money. The interviewer may ask for documentation to back up your claim.

Do you have family or friends living in the United States?

Let the interviewer know if you have friends or family living in the United States. However, if they are not legal residents of the US and do not have citizenship here, then it is best not to mention them. You may also be asked about your travel plans after the interview.

Did you ever overstay a visa before?

If you have overstayed a visa before, be truthful about it. The interviewer will find out anyway. Explain what happened and why you overstayed your visa. If you have never been in this situation before, say so.

What is your current marital status?

It is not necessary to answer this question if you are not married. However, if you are married and have children, then say that you want to bring them along with you on your trip because they will experience new things and learn about American culture firsthand.

Best Stokes Interview Questions

Are you employed?

It is not necessary to answer this question if you are not employed. However, state your job title and how much you earn if employed.

Do you have any other source of income?

If you have another source of income, be truthful about it. State what type of work it is and how much money you earn from this job every month. If your answer to this question is “no,” then say so.

Who will you be traveling with?

If you are traveling with anyone, mention their names and what type of relationship you have with them.

What is the name of your travel agent?

If you used a travel agent to help you plan your trip, state the agency’s name and the contact information. If you made all the arrangements yourself, say so.

Have you ever been denied a visa in the past?

If you have ever been denied a visa in the past, be prepared to answer questions about why and how that happened. Also, explain what actions you took to correct the issue and ensure that it will not happen again. Remember, honesty is key – if you try to hide any information from the consular officer, your application will likely be rejected.

Do you plan on working while visiting our country?

It’s a no-brainer that you will not work in the US. Even if you have an offer or a job waiting for you, tell the consular officer that your sole purpose of the visit is tourism and not working (or vice versa). Working without authorization could get you deported. It is also illegal to overstay your visa, so lying about the purpose of your visit will only make things worse.

What is the name of your hotel?

The hotel’s name where you will be staying is another important piece of information that the consular officer would like to have. It helps them track you down if they need to and confirms your travel plans.

Do you intend to return home after visiting our country or stay indefinitely with no plans of going back someday soon?

One of the most important questions that are asked at any visa interview is if you have planned on returning to your country after visiting the US. The consular officer will want to know this because they do not wish people who come over and then never return, so be prepared with a good answer for this question. If you show them how you have ties in your home country and that you will be returning, it will make issuing you a visa much easier.

Do you have any medical conditions that may affect your ability to travel abroad? Do you take medication for these conditions??

If you have a medical condition, it is important to inform the consular about this. If your trip is for health reasons or has some connection with your illness, the embassy will want to know about it to assess if you can spend time abroad without any problems. If there are no problems and you are considered a healthy person, the consular will want to know if you take any medication and how much of it. There are some rules regarding bringing medicines into the US that need to be followed not to get confiscated at customs.

Anything else you would like to add?

This is your opportunity to state anything else that you feel is important. If you have any documents to support your visa application, mention that here. You may also want to say why you chose the United States as your travel destination.

US B1 Visa Interview Questions for Business

  1. What is the name and address of the company you work for?
  2. What is your job title?
  3. What are the primary duties of your position?
  4. How long has this company employed you?
  5. Does your company do business in the United States? If so, please describe the nature of that business.
  6. Who will you be meeting with while you are in the United States?
  7. What is the purpose of your trip? (i.e., to attend a business conference, negotiate a contract, etc.)
  8. When did you book your travel arrangements? Who made the arrangements on your behalf?
  9. Have you been to the United States before? If so, when and for what purpose?
  10. Who is sponsoring your trip?
  11. Do you have a specific itinerary planned out for your business trip?
  12. What are your current address and phone number?

Common Visiting Visa Interview Questions for Parents

  1. What is your relationship with the child?
  2. What is the child’s date of birth?
  3. Where does the child live?
  4. With whom does the child live?
  5. Does anyone in the household work for the government or have military experience?
  6. Do you have health insurance? If not, how do you plan on paying for medical care?
  7. What is your employment history?
  8. What is your annual income?
  9. How much money do you have saved to pay for this trip?
  10. What is your child’s educational background?
  11. Does your child have any medical conditions we should be aware of?
  12. Does your child have any allergies that we should know about?
  13. What are your plans for your time in the United States?
  14. What are your plans for after the trip? Will you and your child be returning to the same address?
  15. Do you have any other family members currently living in the United States? If so, please provide their contact information.

Other Visitor Visa Interview Questions

  • Can you please show your bank statement?
  • What is your educational background?
  • Do you have any criminal convictions?
  • What are some reasons why we should grant you this visa?
  • Can you please show me your travel insurance?

These are just a few of the questions you may ask during your visa interview. However, it is important to remember that every interviewer will have questions. Be sure to answer all questions truthfully and confidently – this will help ensure a successful interview. If you have any doubts or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask the interviewer for more information on any specific subject matter.

Best of luck with your visa interview!

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