Top 75+ Stokes Interview Questions 2024 | Process | FAQ Answers

Couples who apply for a green card on the basis of marriage need to convince and prove to U.S immigration authorities that their marriage is real. If the immigration official suspects any foul play that marriage was entered only to obtain the green card then, officials give one more chance to couples to prove that marriage is real and not a sham. The second chance for the interview is known as a stokes interview. Some of the couples need to prepare for this interview and want to know Stokes interview questions that can be asked.

stokes interview questions

Stokes Interview Process

Immigration offer will ask the interview questions couple separately and record your answer it can be the same questions be asked or can be different to check discrepancies. It is very important to answer these questions honestly and openly.

Once the interview with the couple is completed successfully then you will be asked about discrepancies together and you need to explain why some of the answers are different. A couple must convince the official if the official got to the resolution that marriage is legitimate then your case will be approved, however, the official is not convinced then the case will be rejected.

Stokes Interview Questions

An immigration officer can ask you various questions depending on the case to case there is no such rule book but we have gathered a list of stokes interview questions that are often asked.

Relationship Related Stokes Interview Questions

How did you first meet?

When did you first meet? first date.

How long you have known each other before marriage?

Who gets up first?

Who set the alarm clock?

Do you watch any TV shows together?

Do you record TV shows?

Do you have an online streaming platform subscription? Ex-Netflix

Did you shower this morning?

Do you listen to music? What type?

When did you sleep last night?

Who went to sleep first last night?

Do you watch television or read books before going to sleep?

Which side of the bed do you sleep on?

What kind of birth control do you use?

Do you have any pets?

What is the name of your pet?

Who brings the letter from the post box?

How did you reach to interview today?

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Food Related Stokes Interview Questions

Who makes breakfast?

Who makes lunch?

Who makes the dinner?

How often do you order online?

How often do you go out for food?

When was the last time you have gone to a restaurant?

What is your wife/husband’s favorite dish/meal/food?

What is your wife/husband’s least favorite dish/meal/food?

What your spouse ate for breakfast this morning?

What your spouse drank this morning?

Did your spouse have some food allergies?

Does your spouse drink coffee? Which kind?

Is the spouse is vegan or vegetarian?

Whether spouse drink alcohol?

Cleaning Related Stokes Interview Questions

Who cleans the house?

Who is responsible to throw out garbage?

What day the garbage is picked up?

Who takes care of laundry?

Car Related Stokes Interview Questions

Do you own a car? How many?

Who cleans the car?

Who drives a car more often?

What is the color of the car?

House Related Stokes Interview Questions

What appliances your kitchen is equipped with?

How many bedrooms do you have in your house?

How many windows do you have in your house?

Which type of curtains do you have in your house?

What kind of sofa do you have in the living room?

How many television you have in your house?

Where do you keep your furniture?

Is there any carpet in your house? Which color?

Do you have lamps near your bed? Which side?

Do you have an air conditioner?

Do you have a hairdryer?

How many showers, sinks, and toilets are there in your home?

What kind of mattresses do you have in your bedroom?

Who goes for shopping groceries?

How many mobile/telephones do you have?

How many laptops/computers do you have?

Who is the internet/phone provider?

Where do you keep your toothbrushes?

What kind of soap do you use?

What kind of toothpaste do you use?

Finance Related Stokes Interview Questions

Who pays the bill?

Who pays the bills online or offline?

How many credit cards do you have?

Have you filed your tax jointly?

Do you have any life insurance?

Do you have any loans/credit?

Official website of USCIS

Documents for Stokes interview

It can be possible couples will be asked to present more documents.

Utility bills

Immigrant spouse’s passport

Photo identification of the citizen spouse

Bank account information

Rent receipts

Tax returns

Proof of the petitioner’s citizenship

Marriage certificate

Employment letters and the last two pay stubs

Insurance policies

Photo albums

Adaptability Interview Questions

Stokes interview FAQ

How long stokes interview is conducted?

It can last up to 8 hours as a couple is separated and asked interview questions.

What happens after the stokes interview?

A couple will be bought together and officials will ask for clarification on discrepancies in the answers.

Does USCIS check your bank account?

No officer will have access to your bank account unless you provide them as attachments with your documents.

Can USCIS look at your Facebook account?

Yes, they can look at your social media accounts.

Does USCIS check your phone?

They can ask to check your phone and you can refuse to do it then it can be possible they will cancel your interview, it depends.

Does USCIS conduct home visits?

Visits are always conducted by Fraud Detection and National Security (FDNS) officers before the interview.

Does USCIS check your credit card report?

USCIS will consider your credit card score, a good credit score gives a positive factor for officials.

Does USCIS verify employment history?

Applicants need to provide their employment history and also when you apply for work and get hired the employer E-verify your social security and it is recorded in the system.

Does USCIS call previous employers?

No, they will not but they can send letters to provide evidence and answers.

What happens if you lie to USCIS?

Lying to immigration officers will have consequences like being deported from the country, blocked from applying vis for the US.

Does USCIS track your phone?

USCIS has only information that you provide to them but they can ask the police to provide your records from the area you live in.

Please share your experiences and what stokes interview questions were asked from you, this may help other applicants.

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