Interview Questions For Revenue Inspector With Answers

Revenue Inspector is a significant person who is the bridge between the accountants of areas and the Tahsildar. His chief work is to collect the revenue from different regions and assemble them to give to the higher authority. He maintains the link between the people who work under him and the ones who control revenue inspector. The Revenue inspector of different departments is collecting all the taxes. Revenue Inspector Interview Questions are asked on the very basics; some of them are written below with the best of answers. Revenue Inspector Interview Questions with Answers contain the queries which are based on candidate interests, skills and job profile.

Describe your character in 5 words.

Ans: Hardworking Intellectual Determined Jolly Leader- There are several characteristics too that match my working area and personality.

What are your strengths?

Ans: My biggest strength is my ability to work for longer works which makes me determined and focused towards my work.

What is the key feature which you practice while working?

Ans: My crucial feature is to prioritize the work so that no prior issue is left unattended and the work is completed on time.

While you were studying, which subject have you liked the most?

Ans: I liked Maths until Class 10 and then liked Accounting.

What has been your successful experience till now?

Ans: I have worked as per the expectations of my company always and have brought several things into place. Solving and completing the work with the best of ability. Once there was a crisis, which I had resolved with some simple tricks and tips.

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