PUBG Interview Questions and Answers

In this article, we will share some PUBG interview questions and answers which have been asked to Developers, Software Engineers, Product Managers, Testers, and also to players. PUBG is one of the biggest multiplayer games in 2022 and it is developed by South Korean gaming company Bluehole.pubg interview questions

It was inspired by the movie Battle Royale and in this game, 100 players jump through parachutes on an island and can team up in a squad, duo, or also can play solo.

Then you need to kill other players and save yourself till the last team is left on the map, there is also a safe zone in the game where players can fight with each other and in the duration of time the safe zone becomes shorter and shorter.

PUBG Interview Questions and Answers

Gaming Questions

What is your favorite video game?

In childhood, Super Mario, contra was my favorite video game. In this, you can answer your favorite game which you have played in childhood or in recent times which you like to play and why.

Share your first memory when you started playing video games?

I was about 10-year-old when I first start playing video games and at that time, we use to have a wired controller and have to insert a cassette to play games.

What games are you playing right now?

When I have free time, I play PUBG, chess online, Cricket 19.

When was the last time you played PUBG?

 A week back I have played PUBG with my friends, was not able to get chicken dinner but still, it was fun to talk to friends and play together as a team.

Which one do you like PUBG mobile or PUBG PC?

I personally like PUBG mobile as it is easy to use and manage and almost in every entry-level mobile phone, we can play PUBG and it cost less. Also, the main reason to like it is my friends also have PUBG mobile.

Why PUBG mobile is more popular than PUBG PC?

Many players/ users do not have money to afford the expensive gaming laptop and a setup to play in their home. However, PUBG mobile can be played on any entry-level phone in the market, and also you can play anywhere day or night just you need a high-speed internet connection.

What are the names of the maps in PUBG?

These are the four maps which we play

  1. Erangel
  2. Miramar
  3. Vikendi
  4. Sanhok

What is your favorite weapon in PUBG?

My favorite weapon in PUBG is M16 and M249 but yes it all depends on the situation and sometimes in close encounter shotgun or UZI is the best.

If you will be given a chance to do game enhancement, what would you like to change in the game?

I would like to ban all the hackers in the game as it disturbs and demotivates the genuine users, which want to interact and play games for enjoyment.


It is one of the short forms of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS.

Game Development Questions

What are the stages of game development?

Game development starts with an idea and then comes to the stages of game development.

  1. Planning.
  2. Pre-production.
  3. Production.
  4. Testing.
  5. Pre-launch.
  6. Launch.
  7. Post-production.

Describe the role of a programmer in game development?

Game developers use the programming language to build the game on various platforms Android, IOS, PC, Console etc and thus they have to collaborate with design, graphic teams and develop prototypes. It is very beautiful to see how a video comes to life as a game and also bug fixing and new release plays an important role in a successful game.

In which programming language PUBG is written?

PUBG is developed in Unreal Engine 4 game Architecture and the engine is coded in C++.

What do you mean by “Lag” in-game?

 In online games when there is a delay in actions or latency between player input and sever it is known as lag. It can happen due to multiple reasons due to an internet connection or it can be due to server outage or simple the device you are playing on does not support that high-end game.

What is the FPS in-game?

It is a frame per second, it is basically how smooth the game is running on your device and frames the device can process in second and lower the framerate game will be choppy and slow.

When was PUBG created?

It was initially released in March 2017 and the game development started in 2016.

What is a community?

It is a place where players can discuss the issues, topics, tips, anything related to the game. This plays a major role in game development and based on that creator sometimes bring new enhancements that user wants.

What is the difference between the build and the release?

The main difference between build and release is that build is the game prototype developer hand over to the testing team and release is when the testing team confirms everything is fine and gives it to end users/ players.

What is the model for any game to make money?

There are various models to make money

  1. Release a soft copy of the game and charge per copy.
  2. Monthly subscription.
  3. Pay from Game Ads.
  4. License your code.
  5. In-game purchases for premium items.
  6. Pay per play.
  7. Merch (TShirt, items)

How to deal with hackers in the game?

  • First, we have to provide a method another user can report hacker players.
  • Monitor games in an automated way and check the infringement.
  • Fix the loopholes to avoid hacking techniques.
  • Secure all the online servers.

What is your experience with Jira and Test Rail?

What is your experience with conflict resolution?

Behavior Questions

What is your experience working in a gaming community?

Till now experience is very good and I feel very proud being part of it as from the childhood, I am playing games and now developing it gives the perspective of the creator but it is serious work and some times there is a lot of pressure but you get various benefits from the company.

What kind of hobbies are you into the outside of work?

You can mention some activities you do after your job for example I go skiing, hiking in the mountains.

Were you happy in your last role?

 This question is tricky and if you will be answering positive and negatives of the last job then are prepared to answer about the workplace, job position, company culture, pay, etc

Why did you decide to make a switch from the current company to PUBG Corporation?

You can answer this question by sharing your expectation from salary, job position new work environment, and desire to have a better work-life balance, etc. Make sure that interviewer does not get the impression that you are leaving the job because of your poor performance.

What are your career goals in life?

What you are most proud of?

For more about PUBG you can read on wiki and if you have ever attended an interview then please share PUBG interview questions or your experience

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