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If you are going for the technical interview and integration will be part of it then you must go through the JSON interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced. We have tailored the JSON questions based on the interview purpose.

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JSON Interview Questions for Freshers

Describe JSON?

JavaScript Object Notation in short JSON is a lightweight text-based open-source data interchange and storage format that is independent of the programming. It presents the data into key-value pairs form.

What is JSON used for?

It is used to serializing and transfer data in web applications.

What are the advantages of JSON?

  1. Easy to use.
  2. Easy to understand.
  3. JSON is faster.
  4. Schema support.
  5. Server Parsing.
  6. Objects are aligned in code.
  7. Smaller file size.

Who is the father/founder of JSON?

Douglas defined the JSON format in early 2000 and that’s why known as the father of JSON.

How to define a JSON Object?

JSON Objects are surrounded by {}. It contains the key/value pairs and is defined like {“Name”:”ABC”, “LName”:”CED”, “AGE”:19}

What are JSON Data types?

JSON Supports 6 data types.

  1. Array
  2. String
  3. Number
  4. Boolean
  5. Null
  6. Object

Give Examples of JSON Data Type?



"Names":[ "Max", "Ron", "Charlie" ]



  "Cars" : [

        {"Car" : “BMW”},

        {"Car" : “Audi”},

        {"Cars" : “Ford”}




{ "Address":"Warsaw \n Poland" }






{“students”:{“name”:”Charlie”, “Age”:25}}


{“id”:”101”, “phone_number”:null}

What programming languages are supported by JSON?

  • ActionScript
  • C
  • C++
  • C#
  • Cold Fusion
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby

Is JSON markup language?

It is not a Markup Language.

What are the limitations of JSON?

  1. Compressed JSON files cannot be imported.
  2. A limited number of data types.

Which browser provides native JSON support?

All the latest versions of the below browser support JSON

IE, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Safari on iOS*, Opera Mini*, Android Browser*, Opera Mobile*, Chrome for Android, Firefox for Android, UC Browser for Android, Samsung Internet, QQ Browser, Baidu Browser, KaiOS Browser.

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Is there a standard on JSON naming?

There is no standard naming of keys in JSON.

Explain Flattened data vs Structured Hierarchy in JSON?

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JSON Interview Questions for Testers

What is JSON interface testing?

Interface testing basically focuses on the connection between the two systems and the connection is known as the interface. It can refer as Webservice or API.

What is JSON integration testing?

Integration testing is end-to-end functionality between two systems, it validates the process, data, and focus on both the system work flawlessly. It is also known as system integration testing.

What is difference in JSON.parse() and JSON.stringfy()?

There are inverse to each other JSON.parse() turns a JSON text to an JavaScript object and JSON.stringfy() JavaScript object into JSON text.

What are common JSON errors codes?

401: Unauthorized

402: Payment Required

403: Forbidden

404: Not Found

405: Method Not Allowed

406: Not Acceptable

407: Proxy Authentication Required

408: Request Time-out

409: Conflict

410: Gone

411: Length Required

412: Precondition Failed

413: Request Entity Too Large

414: Request-URI Too Large

415: Unsupported Media Type

416: Requested range not satisfiable

417: Expectation Failed

500: Internal Server Error

501: Not Implemented

502: Bad Gateway

503: Service Unavailable

504: Gateway Time-out

505: HTTP Version not supported

JSON Interview Questions for Experienced

What is JSON Value?

Share JSON syntax rules?

What is the MIME type of JSON?

What is JSON RPA Java?

What is Polyfill?

What is JSONP?

What is serialization in JavaScript?

What is deserialization in JavaScript?

Difference between JSON and XML? Which one is preferred over another?

What is JSON Formatter?

Do we use JSON in Android?

Do we use JSON in PHP?

What is JSON Validator?

JSON Interview Questions JavaScript

Is JSON the same as JavaScript?

How to Parse JSON String in JavaScript?

JSON Interview Questions C#

What is a JSON object in C#?

Does C# support JSON?

How do I open a JSON file in C#?

How to serialize JSON in .NET

How to deserialize JSON in .NET

How does App settings JSON work?

JSON Interview Questions in Python

 How to use JSON in Python?

Share Conversation of Python objects to JSON?

How to write JSON to a file?

How to read JSON files?

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