Zonal Security Officer Interview Questions Answers Sample

Zonal Security Officer interview questions and answers are written below which are asked in any company very readily. The candidates of Zonal security officer need not panic before the exam. It is just the fact that sometime after you have gained experience you will feel a little worried about the questions. But actually, this is not fear this is the worry about your experience that you will be able to answer all the questions. Below Zonal Security Officer interview questions answers, the sample is the best source of study whenever you try for any job you need to stay focused and prepared.

Why do you want to be a security officer?

Ans: The job of a Security officer is purely a job of responsibility, and I believe I have a sense of responsibility in my blood veins. Keeping people secure is my aim, and I can do so.

What more skills do you have for this position?

Ans: I can perform my duty in all conditions; plus I am aware of surveillance setup, fire extinguisher handling, vehicle parking management, handling security alarms/cameras and reporting.

Have you done any training for a security officer?

Ans: Yes, I have done training for security officer profile and fire extinguisher handling. I am CPR, pepper spray certification and First Aid Certified too and followed by the training I have completed specific projects where the capabilities are tested for the profile. The certifications are included in my CV.

Explain a difficult situation you faced and what strategies did you use to handle it?

Ans: Once in my office there were delegates from all over the World, and so the security was tight enough. My duty was outside the conference room. But the security guard who reported on the 6th floor outside the cafeteria of the building could come up. SO, I managed the conference hall and cafeteria whole day giving my double time to the office. Because of this act, I was awarded from the company with 10,000 rupees.

In case your friend/ coworker using illegal means like accessing confidential data, running away from duties, what will be your first concern?

Ans: I will report this immediately my head and will also teach him not to do this against his job.

Let me describe you a situation wherein a visitor in the company not get himself checked before entering, and he says he is a good friend of the owner of the company. What will you do?

Ans: I will stay stubborn and ask him to get through the metal detector and get his belongings checked before entering the building.

Which is the best part of your training that has made you strong enough?

Ans: I have been taught to stay calm always in every situation and then do the RCA of the problem. For every issue, act wisely and take decisions with a quiet mind.

Do you know computers?

Ans: Yes, I have done a course on a computer where I Have learned basics of Windows. I can handle CCTV Footage recordings.

What are your strengths?

Ans: I can stay calm at the worst situation and solve the problem with the best of solutions; in case of multiple issues I can prioritize well my work and then perform my duty. In my previous company, I have handled different situations well.

Why do you wish to switch your job?

Ans: This is because I want to grow in my career and make a better professional reputation. I wish to imply all my knowledge gathered till now and learn more things that will suit me better.

What are your weaknesses?

Ans: Sometimes while solving multiple problems, I take some extra time to resolve the things. I address them in the best way although I might take some more time in doing so.

What according to you is more important money or power?

Ans: According to me, power is important because it brings fame and money hand in hand. Very merely said- Power is directly proportional to money.

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