Top Asked Interview Questions For Zonal Head Manager

Zonal Head Manager interview questions are mentioned below, along with the solutions. The answers provided below are best, but they may vary from one person to another as per their capability. You can refer the answers as given below and make your responses much wiser.

Interview Questions For Zonal Head Manager

What is your biggest management weakness?

Ans: My biggest weakness is when my employees get into any family trouble. I can work much harder and cover up the work myself rather than stopping anyone who has any family trouble.

How, according to you, is the management process?

Ans: I believe in the philosophy- Keep people around you happy and work will return you more happiness. So, I listen to every employee and react accordingly to the situation. I try in the best way to act in such a way that my employees are happy doing work, and my work is also completed on time.

How Do You Measure Your Success as a Manager?

Ans: My punctuality in work, happiness in my colleague’s eyes for me, my ability to think about organizational growth are several things which have always made me the successful manager.

How Do You Delegate Tasks?

Ans: My daily itinerary includes the updating of the excel file, which is maintained with the purpose of scheduling tasks to my teammates. This serves the dual purpose of keeping records as well as assigning tasks to my team members.

What according to you, is the job profile?

Ans: My major job will include following tasks- Check all the areas under my zone that they are functioning well; monitoring different work sectors; dividing works into all the teammates well so that all outlets are working well. For further information, you can guide me more and correct me in any way possible.

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