Why You Want to Work in Customer Service? Best Answers

In today’s job market, customer service is an important skill to have. If you’re hoping to work in customer service, you need to be able to answer the question, “Why you want to work in customer service?”. In most interviews, they ask this question to get to know the candidate and their motivations. Before we jump to tips and sample answers, we need to understand what customer service is and why we work in customer service.

What is a customer service job position?

A customer service job is a position where you help customers with their problems. This could be over the phone, through email, or in person. Many times, you will be the first point of contact for the customer, so you must be able to handle each situation calmly and professionally.

Some companies may also require that you know their product or service to be able to help the customer. For example, if you are applying for a customer service job at a computer company, they may want you to have some knowledge about computers.

Best Customer Service Interview Questions and Answers

Why would someone want to work in customer service?

The motivations for wanting to work in customer service can vary greatly from individual to individual. However, some of the most common reasons people want to work in customer service include the desire to help others, gain experience and knowledge in a new field, improve communication and teamwork skills, and positively impact people’s lives.

Customer service can be a very rewarding career for those who enjoy helping others and working as part of a team. If you have strong communication skills, are patient and efficient, and work well under pressure, then a career in customer service may be the right choice for you!

Common Interview Questions Asked in Interview

How to answer “why you want to work in customer service?”

Now that we know why to work in customer service, let’s look at some tips on answering this question in an interview.

Talk about your people skills: Customer service is about interacting with people. If you have strong people skills, this is a great way to show them off.

Highlight your problem-solving skills: Customer service is often about solving customers’ problems. If you have strong problem-solving skills, this is your chance to show them off!

Mention your desire to help others: As we mentioned before, one of the most common reasons people want to work in customer service is to help others. This is a great motivation to mention in your answer!

Please mention that you are patient and calm under pressure: Customer service can be a very challenging job, so it is important to be able to stay calm under pressure. Being patient and efficient will show the interviewer you have the skills necessary to excel in customer service.

Good fit for the company:  You may also want to mention that you think customer service is a good fit. This shows that you have researched and are interested in the company specifically.

Customer service is a people-oriented job, so emphasizing your people skills is a good place to start. You might say, “I enjoy helping people and am good at diffusing difficult situations. I’m patient and calm under pressure, which makes me a great problem solver.” If you have prior customer service experience, mention it and discuss what you enjoyed about the job.

Similar questions the interviewer might ask.

  1. Why customer service?
  2. Why did you choose a career in customer service?
  3. Why do you like working in customer service?
  4. What attracts you to a customer service role?
  5. Why do you want to work in customer support?

“Why you want to work in customer service?” Best Answers

Example Answer 1

“I work in customer service because I genuinely enjoy helping people. It’s rewarding to provide solutions to customers’ problems and create a positive experience for them. I know that happy customer are the key to a successful business, so I take pride in my work and always strive to exceed expectations. I would love to bring my skills and experience to your team and contribute to your company’s success.”

Example Answer 2

“I’ve always been interested in a career in customer service. I like working with people and helping them solve problems. I’m patient and efficient, and I have a lot of experience dealing with difficult customer service issues. I think I would be a great asset to your team.”

Example Answer 3

“I have always enjoyed working with people, and I find that customer service is the perfect way for me to help others while doing something that I love. In my previous job, my superiors recognized me for my ability to diffuse difficult situations and handle customer complaints calmly and effectively. I know I could bring those same skills to your company and would be a valuable asset to your customer service team.”

Example Answer 4

“I want to work in customer service because I have strong people skills and enjoy helping others. I am also a quick learner, and I work well under pressure. In customer service, I would be able to use my problem-solving skills to help customers with their problems.”

Example Answer 5

I like working in customer service because it’s challenging and rewarding. Every day, I can help people and make them happy, which is very fulfilling. I also enjoy the satisfaction of resolving a customer’s issue or helping them with something they’re struggling with. It’s always nice to know that you’ve made someone’s day a little bit better. Plus, the people in customer service are some of the most friendly and supportive people I’ve ever met, and I love being part of such a positive community.

Bonus Answer

I love customer service because it is a people-oriented job. I’m a people person, so I naturally enjoy interacting with and helping others. It’s also a very challenging and rewarding role. I love being able to solve problems and make things better for people. And, of course, it’s always nice to be able to help someone out and make their day a little better.


These are just a few examples of how you might answer the question, “Why you want to work in customer service?” In each answer, the key is to focus on why *you* want to work in customer service and how your particular skills and experiences can benefit the company. By doing so, you’ll be sure to give a strong answer that impresses potential employers.

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