Typist & Clerk Interview Questions With Solutions

Typist and Clerk Interview Questions with answers that will help you to get prepared for a job interview are written below. The Clerk job openings are notified by several organizations, both public and private sectors. The candidates can groom their skills by referring to the questions written below. You need to be well versed with the knowledge of several areas to crack the exam.

Tell me your qualifications that fit you in clerk job.

Ans: I am a diploma holder in Computer Science after passing my Class 12 in the first division.

How much comfortable are you with computers?

Ans: I have done several courses related to computers, and I have much experience in handling machines.

How do you prioritize work in your office routine?

Ans: I always stay in sync with my upper management and take guidance from them about the superiority of work. But if it has to be done by myself, I make a graph linking each task to quality & quantity and then set the priority.

Which software do you know?

Ans: I am aware of Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Ansi C (programming language), several PDF editors

How many words per minute speed do you have?

Ans: I have a speed of 80 minutes per minute, and I maintain 90% accuracy in it.

Why do you think you fit in this job?

Ans: Because I need growth which I am getting in your company followed by the work culture for which this organization is famous.

Can you thoroughly describe your job?

Ans: The job of clerk has several duties- Banking transactions, bookkeeping, disbursing money, answering the telephone, operate office machines, complete office activities, bills, cheques, maintain policies, etc.

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