25+ TCP IP Interview Questions and Answers [2024]

We all love the internet and almost everyone in some form is using the internet and one can find any solution/ answer with help of it. Most of us want to become a network engineer or want to learn more on the internet and prepare for an interview, we have prepared some most frequently asked TCP IP Interview Questions and Answers which can help you to give an idea about the interview.

TCP IP Interview Questions and Answers

What is TCP/IP? What does TCP IP do?

TCP/IP full form is Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol. IP is the address system andTCP IP interview questions primary way through which connections are established between systems, and it is the base of the Internet that delivers packets from source to destination. IP does not handle the error checking and packet ordering, this is where TCP comes into the picture. TCP is responsible to collect the packets and assemble them in the right order whereas IP is responsible to make sure that the data is sent to the right address.

How many layers are there in TCP/IP?

There are 5 Layers of TCP IP that are

Application layer

The application layer is when the applications/software need network communication to function. Example Web browser.

Transport layer

It is responsible to establish a reliable connection TCP or fast connection UDP with the application layer by assigning a port number of source and destination.

Network Layer

It is responsible for creating data packets and adding logical addresses (IP) to them for routing from source to destination across the network.

Data Link Layer

The deals with creating the frames and adding some header information that moves across the network. It performs physical addressing of data by adding MAC address to it and then which later can be used to identify source and destination.

Physical Layer

It encodes and decodes the data in form of bits and defines the communication between two devices, wired or wireless.

What is TCP IP in Java?

In Java, we do socket programming and a socket is a combination of IP address and port number, it is executed on multiple systems connected using a network.

Make TCP IP diagram?

TCP IP flow with Diagram | TCP IP Interview Questions

What is a private IP address?

Private IP address is those which are not routed on the internet and they work on the local network only.

Examples to to to

What layer is DNS?

DNS in full known as Domain Name System, which runs parallel to HTTP in Application Layer Protocol as it allows the application to translate the hostname to an IP address. DNS helps humans so they don’t have to remember the IP address of each domain but instead use the names of the domain in the browser.

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What layer is HTTP?

HTTP in full known as HyperText Transfer Protocol and is an Application Layer Protocol.

What is the internet?

The Internet is the biggest invention and in simple words, it is a worldwide network that connects all the computers and enables them to exchange data.

What are the layers of the Internet?

There are 7 layers in OSI as shared below

osi model 7 layers internet | TCIP IP Interview Questions

What is the Loopback address?

A loopback address is introduced to allow devices to send and receive their own data packets. The loopback address never changes and it is the best way to identify the device on a network. is one of the most commonly used loopbacks in IPv4 but it can be extended to

What is the full form of OSI and TCP/IP model?

OSI in full known as Open System Interconnection

TCP/IP in full known as Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

What is IP Datagram?

IP Datagram or Datagram is the combination of two words data and telegram, it is a message containing the data and does not require confirmation that it has been received at another end, this is why it is used for streaming services.

Share some protocols of the application layer?

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Post Office Protocol (POP), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), Domain Name System (DNS)

Which protocol uses both TCP and UDP?

DNS uses both TCP and UDP, TCP when zone exchange, and UDP when resolving a hostname.

What is the address range of a Class B network address in binary?

The range of a Class B network address is 128-191 and the binary range is 10xxxxxx.

What protocol is used by PING?

PING uses Internet Control Message Protocol ICMP to determine whether the system is connected to the internet or not.

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What is TCP keepalive?

Keepalive is a message which is sent from one device to another to check if the connection is still intact. Example – Keepalive header when turned on helps the pages to load faster as browser and server do not have to make multiple connections and visiting multiple pages of websites can be done in a single connection.

What is used of Tracert?

Traceroute is a command (tracert) that can show you all the paths a packet took to reach its destination, it will list all of them till it will be discarded or failed or reached the destination. You can do it simply by typing in your computer CMD. Ex – tracert any website name.

What is the function of the Router?

The router is a common device for networking and the function is to send and receive data on computer networks and also to divide big networks into small ones. The router provides security in which we can embed firewall and other content filtering software’s to not have unwanted websites.

router vector image | tcp ip interview questions

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What are IPv4 Address classes?

There are 5 classes

Class A : Address Range from to

Class B : Address Range from to

Class C : Address Range from to

Class D : Address Range from to

Class E : Address Range from to

Mention One Real Place to Use TCP/IP?

In the real world, any browser uses TCP to load webpages and for example, WhatsApp uses TCP/IP transport method as you see that you get the info when the message is delivered and read receipt.

What is SLIP stands for in a computer network?

Serial Line Internet Protocol.

What application uses TCP port 666?

It is used by Doom Service and it also is used by numerous trojan horses ex- BLAtrojan.

What is a pure ACK?

It is a TCP segment that contains no data is and is only an acknowledgment is known as pure ACK.

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