Top 50+ Square Interview Questions and Answers [2023] Updated

If you are planning to give an interview for Square, then you must go through the Square interview questions and answers given below, which have been asked to candidates over the course of time, and you can be benefitted what to expect from the interview.

Square Interview Questions

About Square Interview Questions

Who is the CEO of Square?

CEO of Square is Jack Dorsey.

Who are the founders of Square?

Jack Dorsey and Jim McKelvey.

When Square was founded?

It was founded in 2009.

Where is headquarters located for Square?

It is located in San Francisco, California, United States.

What exactly is Square?

It is financial services and digital payment company.

Official website of Square?

Is Square free to use?

You can read more on this Square article

Why Square? Why does this job appeal to you?

This is a very common question asked almost in every interview and here interviewer wants to determine whether you are perfect for the position offered by the company.

Before the interview visit the company about us and check the company’s social media presence, what the company is doing innovative, and this way you will be answering this question by adding your personal goals in line with the company goals.

Sample answers can be

Recently I read an article about an innovative solution company is developing and helping the community and helping the community is a significant part of my personal values. My excitement grew further and saw an opening that is relevant to my work and I would love to join and contribute to making a difference in the community.

What do you think of Square?

Based on the above answer you can formulate it.

Behavioral Square Interview Questions

How do you feel about working independently?

Describe a time you went above and beyond for a customer?

What is your greatest strength?

What is your greatest weakness?

How to prioritize your work?

Have you ever handled a challenged customer?

How have you resolved a difficult situation for a customer?

How to motivate and collaborate with underperforming individuals?

How do you manage workload balance within the team?

How would you improve Square for merchants?

How do you interact with designers as a product manager? Where are your challenges?

Tell me when you have to share bad news with the employees, how did you communicate?

Have you had to persuade someone who had a different perspective than yours in a past position?

How would you go about developing a PMO?

How does your past job experience relate to this role?

When was the last time you gave constructive feedback to your colleague?

Technical Square Interview Questions

What is an array?

What is a linked list?

Flatten a multilevel linked list.

What is a stack?

What is a priority queue?

What are dynamic structures?

What is dequeue?

What is merge sort?

Data Structure Interview Questions

Can you explain your responsibilities within your current position?

Why developer use angular?

Write code to call an API and display results?

Backtracking question on Sudoku Solver, Combination Sum, Palindrome Partitioning.

How do you perform A/B testing?

Describe different types of joins?

How you will join more than two tables?

Product Designer Interview Questions

What is the design process?

How do you approach users to provide feedback?

What tools you are experienced in?

Design an app for teleportation?

Design a hotel management system.

How do you manage deadlines?

General Square Interview Questions

Tell me about yourself?

Do you have experience in the field?

Why you are looking for a new role?

Why did you leave your last job?

What did you dislike about your last company?

What do you like about your last company?

What can I bring new to their company?

What does a typical day look like for you?

What are your salary requirements?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Square Interview Process

  1. Phone Screening with Recruiter
  2. Interview with the team to understand the roles and responsibilities and check if you are a good fit for the team.
  3. Present the previous work and samples
  4. Pair coding interview: There will be a story from backlog or existing problem where you need to provide a solution or perspective on how you can solve it. This way candidates are evaluated both technically and how can contribute to the team.

It various from role to role like for operations there might be different questions then it is asked in technical.

Please share your experience of Square interview and interview questions were asked so that it can help other candidates who are seeking dream jobs in Square.

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