Release Management Interview Questions and Answers

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The Release Management process is an important part of the software development process. It ensures that the software is ready to deploy at all times, and when it goes out, it has no issues or bugs that affect its performance.

Release Management Interview Questions and Answers

Release Management Interview Questions and Answers

What is Release Management?

Release Management is a process that coordinates the development, testing, deployment, and support for releasing new features in software.

Why Release Management is important?

Releasement management is important to

  • Plan the new features.
  • Faster delivery of changes.
  • Reduce the risk of unauthorized releases.
  • Proper Knowledge transfer.
  • Minimize business impact.
  • Greater visibility and traceability.
  • Automated frameworks.
  • Assess risk and detect a conflict.

Which is the first step of the Release Management cycle?

Request for new changes or new features is the first step for the Release Management cycle.

What is the life cycle of Release Management?

Release Management Process

What is a release roadmap?

The release roadmap is the highlight of new features, improvements, and bug fixes that are scheduled for launch in upcoming releases.

release roadmap

release roadmap timeline

What is the big bang approach?

The big band approach is to roll out all the new and changed services to all the users at the same time.

What is a phased approach?

The phased approach to roll out the new and changed services to a selected group of users and then roll them out to other users in batches. For example, you might have seen the new features of various streaming platforms available for the US only and then after a few months, the service is available in Asia also.

What is the push approach?

The push approach is when a component of a service is deployed in the central location and then the same component is deployed for another user in a predefined time.

What is an automated approach?

Changes to services are deployed through an automated workflow and the distribution mechanism is pre-defined with automation rules.

What is a manual approach?

The release is deployed with a manual approach, tasks are assigned to technical teams. When there is a need for manual checks to be performed before and after every deployed component.

Share some Release Management KPIs?

  1. Number of Releases.
  2. Duration of Major Deployments.
  3. Estimated Release Downtime.
  4. Number of Outages Caused by a Release.
  5. Number of Incidents Caused by a Release.
  6. Percent (%) of Release Success Rate.
  7. A number of Release Rollbacks.
  8. Release Priorities.
  9. On-Time Delivery.
  10. Average Cost Per Release.

Share some Release Management tools?

Azure DevOps Services



AWS Code Pipeline



What is early life support?

Whenever there is a new release, the service provider gives the user a period of time where all the questions, concern issues are addressed on high priority. It is a phase where knowledge and experience are shared with users after the service is live.

What are release types in ITIL?

  • Major Releases
  • Minor Releases
  • Emergency Releases
  • Delta Release
  • Full Release
  • Package Release

Release Types

How do you improve the quality of the release?

  • The current stage of Release Management.
  • Establish Regular Release Cycle.
  • Standardize the process.
  • Requirements are clearly defined and objective.
  • Limit the impact on your users.
  • Keep the staging environment updated.
  • Automate where you can.
  • Always create new updates.
  • Don’t let performance affect the quality
  • Manage, integrate and orchestrate for quality.
  • Maximize test script re-use.
  • Test against business requirements.

What is release planning?

Release planning is to schedule new usable functionality to customers in a given timeframe and propose a plan when features will be developed, tested, and deployed in a production environment.

What is the difference between Change Management and Release Management?

Change management is more focused on the changes that need to be performed and the activities related to them. Like the Downtime period, conflicts.

Release Management is about the process behind delivering those changes and features to a service.

Example: In an eCommerce application company wants to give the option to have pay when delivered option. So how this feature will be delivered, who will develop it, how much cost is involved, which users can have this option, where it will be available, when it will be available etc. is part of Release Management. The change management process will come in once everything is done and finally we have to push it to the production eCommerce application.

Change Management Interview Questions

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