Service Request Management Interview Questions and Answers

Recently you have scheduled an interview for the role of Service Delivery Manager, Service Delivery Analyst, Catalog Manager, Service Desk, and wondering what all service request management interview questions will be asked then you are on the right page. We have gathered questions that can help you ace the interview. Service Request Management is one of the key processes in IT Service Management. Let’s get started with service request management interview questions and answers.

Service Request Management Interview Questions

Service Request Management Interview Questions

What is a service request in the ITIL process?

A service request is a formal request raised by the authorized user to provide something which was agreed as part of service delivery.

Give some examples for service requests?

Examples of service requests are

  • Reset user password.
  • Installation of new software on the workstation.
  • Requesting a new laptop or accessories.
  • Requesting information on a product.
  • Requesting for a software license.

What is service request management?

Service request management is a practice and process to fulfill and deliver the agreed quality of service to the user. Service Request management provides the ability to users to request something and then the requirement is collected from the user through a form, providing the status of fulfillment, delivery in an agreed timeline, and assigning the responsibility of requests to fulfillers.

Which roles are part of the Service Request Management process?

Roles that play a part in service request management are

  • End-User
  • Service request coordinator/ Service Desk
  • Service Delivery Manager
  • Service Delivery Analyst
  • Task Fulfiller
  • Catalog Manager

What are the advantages/ benefits of Service Request Management?

The benefits of Service request management are

  • Standardization of service requests.
  • Tracking of requests.
  • Increases customer satisfaction.
  • Improve the quality of service.
  • Alignment between IT and business.
  • Reduce operating costs.
  • Integration with other tools.
  • Automation of repetitive tasks.
  • Centralized information.
  • Minimize risks.
  • Better communication with customers/ end users.

What are some of the best practices for service request management?

  • Start with simple and easy fulfillment requests.
  • Document all the requirements from customers. Ex- Approvals, Fulfillment teams, Information to fulfill requests, process owner, reporting, delivery time, SLA.
  • Automate the repetitive tasks whenever possible.
  • Schedule maintenance tasks.
  • Develop a knowledge base with relevant information and FAQ.
  • Develop KPIs to track request management.
  • Review SLA KPI’s.

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What are the objectives of service request fulfillment?

  • Provide portals/interface to request.
  • Define approval or preapproved requests.
  • Ask for relevant information to fulfill requests.
  • Define a workflow/lifecycle to fulfill requests.
  • Provide information/support to users.
  • Define timeline to fulfill requests.
  • Keep the user informed about requests’ status.
  • Maintain User satisfaction.

How you can measure the effectiveness of the service request fulfillment process?

  • Satisfaction of the user from service request fulfillment process.
  • A number of outstanding service request.
  • A number of backlogs.
  • Time taken by teams to fulfill the service requests.
  • Percentage of service request fulfillment within the delivery time.
  • The average cost of fulfilling service requests.
  • Cooperation with change management.

What is an HR service request?

HR service requests can be onboarding of a new employee, updating the employee information, also can be to take annual leaves.

What is the significance of “On Behalf of” in requests?

Sometimes it will be the service desk team who raises a request on behalf of the user. Sometimes user calls to service desk and asks them to raise a request on their behalf. For example, a user has been locked out of the system or the user forgot the password, and to reset a request is raised.

What is the difference between service requests and incidents?

Service requests are raised to fulfill some requirement or to provide a information or can be installation of a software on user laptop. Example Installation of oracle software on workstation.

An Incident is raised when the user faces some issue with the service or CI provided to the user. Example Outlook is not able to sync emails.

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What is the difference between service requests and change requests?

Service requests can be raised to do some operation on a service, application. It only affects a small number of users. Example to request group changes, password changes.

Change request handles the modifications in environment of product or system. Example maintenance, patches, upgrades.

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What is service catalog?

It is the central source of the service offering which is agreed to deliver by the service provider. It allows authorized users to make requests.

Share some ITIL Service Request Management KPIs?

  • Total number of requests.
  • Backlog of the requests.
  • Average delivery time for the type of requests.
  • Average of each request fulfillment.
  • Rating of customer satisfaction survey filled by user.
  • Requests in various stages ( Work in progress, closed, etc).
  • % of open service requests worked on.
  • % of overdue service requests

Does service request have SLA?

Yes service requests can have SLA. It depends on the criticality of the request made. Example Password reset should be fulfillment should be done in 4 hours. Set up a new computer can have a SLA of 5 business days.

What are the tasks in service requests?

There is some service request which can be fulfilled by various teams and they have a dependency on each other, in these cases one request have many tasks which are fulfilled by multiple teams.

Name of the service request management tools?

  • ServiceNow
  • BMC Remedy
  • Zendesk
  • Solar Winds
  • Freshservice

Is password reset service request or incident?

Password rest is a service request.

Can service requests have a financial impact?

Yes, A Service request can have a financial impact, for example, a user is requesting a license of software or a user is asking for workstation with specifications and accessories, so it can be a standard laptop  or it can be laptop for developers.

Does every request needs business approval?

No, there is no need for business approval for every service request. Some service request needs business approval for example increase in the memory of a server. Requesting a new mailbox.

Draw ITIL service request management process flow?

Service Request Management Fulfillment Process

Other Service Request Management Interview Questions

What are the types or of service request?

What are steps in request fulfillment process?

Why service request management is important for any organization?

What is the service request execution model?

Define request logging and categorization?

Please feel free to add more service request management interview questions and also share your experience what questions have been asked to you.

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