Most Commonly Asked SEM Interview Questions

All the companies which are looking to grow their business online nowadays need to do Search Engine Marketing and thus SEM professionals are in demand, then if you are going for the position and looking for interview questions and answer then we have the top 20+ most commonly asked SEM interview questions with answers.

SEM Interview Questions

What is search engine marketing (SEM)?

Search engine marketing is one of the best ways to grow your business online, as millions of users are every day joining the internet, it is very important to advertise your product online and have share knowledge with the customer about your product.

The best example is when you search anything on google there is a section for advertisement, businesses have to pay to appear in that place, advertisers have to bid for keywords to which they want to show ads for. SEM offers buyers an opportunity to provide the exact product which they are looking for.

sem interview questions

What is PPC?

PPC is the short form of pay per click, this is one of the ways advertisers have to pay, every time someone clicks on the ads. Search engine advertising is one of the most successful and popular PPC. For example, if we search for PPC software then we will get ads like this, and if we click this link the company needs to pay for that click to Google.

Why choose SEM over SEO?

  • SEM quickly generates the traffic from the target words.
  • SEM is trackable and measurable.
  • SEM provides a better understanding of customer behavior and search patterns.
  • SEM ads turned off and on instantly.
  • SEM can be targeted to a particular audience.
  • SEO takes time to grow organically.
  • In SEO you cannot choose who will see your website as a search result.

Why choose SEO over SEM?

SEO is free and SEM requires investment.

SEO adds value to your website over time and the website starts growing organically. SEM only works when you pay for the advertisement.

As per the analysis SEO provide a more click-through ratio than SEM appearing on the first page.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords or Google Ads is a PPC advertising platform that provides advertisers to bid on the keywords and show their ads to users who are searching on the google search page. Ads can be placed dynamically on search results or the website with similar keywords if the website offers ads from google.

Why use Google AdWords?

Google is one of the biggest search engines in the world and almost 90% of users prefer to search on relevant keywords on google. Thus that it increases the chance of users will be able to reach your products easily from google. It a flexible advertising platform and you can customize the ads based on the targeted location and audience. You will surely get high-quality traffic and on top of that, you can measure the result and analyze data to improve further.

Explain CPC?

CPC stands for cost per click which means if anyone clicks on their advertisement then they have to pay example 1$ per click and over a month if an ad gets 100 clicks then 100$ needs to be paid to the media company ex- Google Ad.

Explain CPM?

CPM is the short form of cost per mile, which means advertisers have to pay for every 1000 impressions on the advertisement to the media companies.

Explain CPA?

CPA is the short form of cost per action which means that the advertiser has to pay to media company only when the user does some action after clicking on the advertisement. Example survey advertisements.

Explain Ad rank?

Ad rank is determined based on the position of the advertisement on the Google search page. It all depends on the bid placed on the keyword and the quality score.

What is DFA?

DoubleClick for Advertisers also known as DFA is an advertising system that helps the agencies to manage the strategy to advertise over mobile and websites.

search engine marketing interview questions

What do you mean by impressions?

When an advertisement is loaded on the user screen that is known as an impression, irrespective of whether the user clicks on it or not still it will be counted as an impression.

How to choose keywords for your campaign?

First, understand the product you own or service you want to sell.

Understand the exact keyword which you want to advertise for.

Select the language and location you want to advertise into.

Take the help of the google keyword tool to get ideas.

What are the different types of Search Engine Marketing?

There are three types of Search Engine Marketing

  • PPC
  • Local SEO
  • Organic SEO

What is CTR?

Click through ratio or in short CTR is a metric used to calculate the number of clicks per received per number of impressions on their advertisements.

clicks ÷ impressions = CTR

What is Good CTR?

The average CTR is 2% then whatever is more than 2% should be considered as good CTR.

For more on CTR

Types of keywords in Google AdWords?

There are four types of keywords in Google AdWords.

  • Broad match
  • Modified Broad match
  • Phrase match type
  • Exact match type

What are negative match keywords?

These are the keywords that do not have to do anything with your brand but due to the search phase they will appear, so keywords which need to be blocked when someone searching for it, and thus on these keywords your advertisement will not be shown.

How to make a good PPC landing page?

To make your PPC page good you need to do the following things.

  • It should be attention-grabbing.
  • Provides all the information user is looking for.
  • An image in the content is a must.
  • The layout should be user-friendly.
  • Stick to a single-column layout.
  • Should have trust factors, like reviews, comments, ratings.
  • Disable all alerts or pop-ups for the mobile.
  • A list of benefits should be shared.
  • Click through the action widget should be there and lead capture.

What is a quality score?

Google measures the quality score of any keyword based on the data, whether the keyword is relevant. It depends on various factors like which location it was searched, what time of day it was searched, what is the relationship of your keyword with the search, click-through ratio, and other factors.

Name some of the best PPC ad networks?

  1. Google Ads.
  2. Microsoft Ads.
  3. YouTube.
  4. Facebook.
  5. Instagram.
  6. LinkedIn.
  7. Twitter.
  8. Pinterest.

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