Best Call Centre Agent Interview Questions With Answers

Call centre agent interview questions are described below which will be helpful in preparing for the job. The candidates who all wish to join the call centre should be well versed with these basic questions of call centre field. The best answers to the questions for the call centre agent are given along so that you have the idea of answering in front of interviewer. Especially for freshers, it will be very useful to prepare.

Call Centre Agent Job Interview Questions

Who are you?

Ans: My name is Nidhi. I am a fun-loving, hard-working, and confident person who can work till late as per my priorities.

Do you have any idea about your job profile?

Ans: Yes, the Call centre is basically a phone calling and answering job which revolves around several products and services.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Ans: My strength includes the hard work over the priority things to keep things up, and my weakness is the emotional nature that sometimes takes me away.

I will give you one word. And based on it you need to speak for 40 seconds. Are you ready? Your word is Black.

Ans: Black is a color that symbolizes several things, like a shadow that is embedded in everything present in the Universe, Black is the dead feel that comes when we are depressed and things seem to fade away. On the other hand, Black is my favorite color, and I can wear it almost daily without a break because it makes me a lot more slim and elegant. Black has the feature to go with every color.

What are your hobbies?

Ans: My hobbies include- playing badminton, scribbling on a notepad when sitting idle, cooking & experimenting, learning new things.

Haven’t you ever taken part in debates & declamations in school/ college times?

Ans: Yes I have actively taken part in debates & declamations in school and I have the

Your voice is harsh enough. Will you be able to cope up with different customers and convince them with your thoughts?

Ans: Yes, I will be able to convince the customers because I can tackle situations as per the customer and people in front of you.

Would you leave us if any other organization pays you higher?

Ans: At this stage, it is the start of a career, and I would only choose your offer if you give me one and will fulfill all the conditions of your organization. But, if I am unfortunate enough to get rejected, I am sure I will surely get it in some other good company.

In what ways you can handle customer problems?

Ans: It can be done face to face, over the phone, via web conferencing, via emails, etc.

A very common misunderstanding among people is- Difference between BPO & Call centres. Can you justify it well to us?

Ans: BPO is Business Process Outsourcing, which is bringing a process of another business into ours to gain profits. Whereas Call centre is the problem handling of client’s business. OR to be specific- Call centre is always a BPO but BPO is not always a Call centre.

What, according to you, is the way to satisfy customers?

Ans: The customer should be provided with best of knowledge of the service; any technical defaults should be resolved immediately, stay professional with them, and speak politely with them.

In which technical things you are comfortable at?

Ans: The technicalities include- languages like C, C++; software like photoshop, Dreamweaver, eclipse, etc.

How good are you at typing?

Ans: Yes, I have well-typing skills and a good hand in it.

Are you comfortable enough with night shifts?

Ans: Yes, I am comfortable with night shifts and can handle them well.

What are the types of call centre?

Ans: Virtual call centre in which the agents can connect to host server and handle customer data; Inbound call centre (where customer calls an agent of the company); outbound call centre (where agent calls the customer related to business); customer service centre.

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