X-Ray Technician Job Preparation- Best Interview Questions With Answers

X-Ray Technician Interview Questions are listed below which will help you to get ready for the same. Interview questions for X-Ray have to be prepared with the best of answers. You can refer the questions from below-

Suppose a patient comes in your lab and his nature is very panicky. How will you calm down such a person?

Ans: My first point of concern is to tell the patient the pros and cons of X-ray. I need to make him/ her comfortable in the room by removing this fear with the best examples. Showing the description of x-rays taken earlier will make him interested in the same as that will let him know his real body and injury.

Why did you choose your area of specialty in radiology?

Ans: Radiology is based on the internal human body- how it looks, what things make up the human body, how t functions. I have a deep interest in making graphs and reports resulting from the structure of the human body which we call an X-ray. I like using different types of equipment (CR & DR) for the examination of body structure.

Through your experience, what better have you incorporated in your technical career?

Ans: I have always learned to guide people and never impose your decisions because everyone knows their job well thank knowing others jobs. This has always helped me to keep healthy relationships with my colleagues and patients. Furthermore, to get the best view of x-ray the angle of the body part has to be held in the best possible direction.

What according to you is the best way to keep the repository of data of patients?

Ans: Maintaining the Excel file/ Access sheet for the details of patients because this helps in keeping records and reduces the time during the next consultation.

Do you think you have a customer friendly nature?

Ans: Yes, there has been on patient till today who has refused to get their X-ray did from me. I can very well maintain the customer relationship.

What special you have that fit in our workspace?

Ans: You have the particular kind of equipment which I know of, and I can learn more. Keeping the brand value of your hospital in mind, I have the faith I only fit into this job.

How much do you expect us to give you?

Ans: While asking questions of various kinds. You might have the judgment of how much I deserve, But yes, I need at least a 40% hike.

Suppose at midnight any emergency comes. Do you panic at such times? Have you ever refused to work in such conditions?

Ans: At an earlier stage of my career I had panicked at such situations but gradually loving m profession I believe if there is someone who needs help and they need it midnight also I will go and help them.

Express yourself in a few words.

Ans: I believe in Patient First Time Second” technique wherein patient is more critical than my working hours.

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