Frequently Asked Software Engineer Interview Questions

Software Engineer is the initial post that is given to candidates when they join the IT sector. There are several questions which you will be facing in interview rounds of any company. The solutions for Software engineer interview questions are also provided, which can be best for you. Prepare well for the discussion of the Software engineer.

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Software Engineer Interview Questions

What do you mean by software?

Ans: Software is the several programs which provide us some functionality to use and are installed mainly over the computer.

What is software engineering?

Ans: Branch of Engineering which relates to system development and bringing it into production.

How is your hand in coding?

Ans: I can write simple codes, but I take time into core coding. As per the requirement, I can work on the same and improve myself.

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Do you know the SDLC model? How train are you into it?

Ans: Software Development Life cycle (SDLC) is the main base of the software stream. There are several SDLC models like the waterfall model, iterative model, spiral model, v model, big bang model, etc.

What are the various phases of SDLC?

Ans: The phases include- Requirement gathering, system analysis, design, coding, testing, implementation. These phases make up the SDLC model, but as per the requirement, they can be modified or used an improper sequence.

What is the software scope?

Ans: Software scope is a boundary in which the activities are covered, which result in the development and delivery of software product.

What is project estimation?

Ans: To calculate the development, maintenance, efforts, time, resources of software, we need to estimate the software product. This can be through various tools, techniques, and pre-defined formulas such as COCOMO, Putnam, decomposition technique, an empirical technique.

How can we derive the size of a software product?

Ans: The size can be estimated by the lines of software code and the function points. Function points are the features of a software product that lead to size estimation.

Explain the types of feasibility studies.

Ans: Economic feasibility: Understanding the cost of training, several tools, and cost estimation

Technical Feasibility is the usage of the machine, compatibility of the operating system, usage of proper tools, etc. for software

Operational feasibility is the appropriate functioning of the software.

What are the sources of requirement gathering?

Ans: There are several sources like an interview, survey, magazines, prototyping, software versions, observation, etc.

What is software project management?

Ans: To develop software is a project, and to manage all the activities like time, resources, quality, quantity, valuables about it is called software project management.

What is change control?

Ans: It is related to configuration management, which defines that all changes made to the software system are done abiding by the rules and regulations of the organization.

What is SRS?

Ans: Software Requirement Specification is the document that is made when the requirement gathering part is done.

What is cohesion & coupling?

Ans: Cohesion is the degree of interdependency among elements, and coupling is the interdependency among modules. Coupling should be minimized to make the modules independent, and cohesion should be high enough so that each module is related to the other.

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