Rural Sales Promotion Interview Questions & Answers

Rural Sales Promotion Interview Questions are given below as per which you can prepare well for the job. Everyone has to be made well for the job before the interview is conducted. You will be tested based on your capabilities, and so only confidence can bring positivism to you.

Apart from yearly experience, what all you have gained from this field?

Ans: I have learned people management, way to help people, how to stay with people’s hearts, involve several things which can help in a better idea of working

Tell us about your weaknesses and strengths?

Ans: My biggest strength is my power to work endlessly whereas my weakness is that I get emotional at times.

In situations, where you have a decision opposite to management what do you do?

Ans: There have been several chances where my decision has been against my management. In situations like these, I often go with the administration when their decision can be taken as an alternative. But sometimes when I stood stubborn, my efforts have always paid me.

Why do you want to join our company?

Ans: Your company works on the best promotion policies and rules, and so I want in my career. I want to use my skills and embed into the company’s work to get the results which will bring best to the company.

Why should we hire you?

Ans: You need to hire me because I can work into your company and by my skills, I can bring the best outputs.

What kind of salary do you expect from us?

Ans: As per my expectations and work in a previous company, I want at least a 30% hike in your company.

Tell us about yourself.

Ans: I am Ritesh Taneja from Mandi Gobindgarh, Punjab. I belong to the steel city of Punjab, and I have completed my schooling from my hometown itself. Furthermore, in studies, I have completed graduation from Thapar University, Patiala. I have total experience of 5 years in which I have learnt a lot about this field and how the work has to be executed in this area. I started from a tiny firm, and gradually I landed into a big organisation like yours with full capabilities. My weakness is I get emotional early, and my strength constitutes my endless energy to work.

What is your job profile?

Ans: As the name suggests, a rural sales promotion officer has to organise several events that will lead to the success of the product. Several events have to organise to increase the promotions well and make the product value in the market.

What kind of promotion strategies have you used until now?

Ans: I have worked on several techniques including- huts, melas, van, exhibitions, event management, a different type of shows, television, magazine, radios in states where it is used much like Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu.

What extra have you learnt from this job profile?

Ans: I have leaned event management, people management, decision making, bringing out several talents.

Can you relate these techniques with real-life examples?

Ans: Magic Shows and Skits method is being followed by Brooke Bond Lipton India Ltd. & Mobile Van method is being developed by Marico Industries Parachute Coconut Oil Pouches. These two brands have become very successful and have proved robust promotion markets. There have been other successful brands also including Britannia Tiger biscuits and 502 Pataka Chai.

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